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  1. Light does not exist, apart from darkness; light is merely the absence of darkness. For example, the sun does not produce light, but, rather, has an attractional force that draws in particles of darkness, called "darkons''. When the earth turns toward the sun, the darkons are drawn away, leaving behind light, except in areas where the darkon field is obstructed by trees, buildings, or the like. The areas in which the darkon field is obstructed are known as "shadows''
  2. Scientific discoveries are all produced by people who were shunned apon because they were wrong. So, anything is possible. Every heard about a Darkon? /troll face/
  3. Nope, it involves a particle faster than the speed of light, a particle that is infinitely times faster than light That's all i'm gonna say, for now. Oh, and light doesn't exist. There's a mind boggling theory Just a theory disproving everything science has taught me thus far.
  4. It started out with a simple theory on the speed of light, and I stumbled upon a theory on how a Star dies and creates "black holes". I don't know if I should share though. Also, if i do share it, i'm going to my Science 20 teacher before hand to see if this is feasible.
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