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  1. So if I understand your conversation on dark matter and gravity. it would be safe to say that dark matter would be swallowed up by a black hole like everything else? I thought dark matter would occupy a black hole, but would move freely in and out of the host black hole. much like our atmosphere occupies a cup sitting on your counter.
  2. I did not start this post. My response was placed on another thread as a talking point for a question posted under the religion section. I understand the fact that you should accurately post reference material. I mistakenly titled the article Newyork times. I am sorry for that mistake. The information is for reference only to the original question. Concept of God in science. My opinion is that science does not prove or disprove the existence of a God. Science involves viable explanations for how things work, Religion relies on faith in a higher power, through personal experience while living a life. arguing the issue to its conclusion doesnt change a thing. People will or will not believe in what they believe.
  3. Truth boy what a concept. That is a subject unto itself.
  4. New york times December 25 2014 In 1966 Time magazine ran a cover story asking: Is God Dead? Many have accepted the cultural narrative that he’s obsolete—that as science progresses, there is less need for a “God” to explain the universe. Yet it turns out that the rumors of God’s death were premature. More amazing is that the relatively recent case for his existence comes from a surprising place—science itself ! Moderator Note I have edited the quote down to the short section that is available on the Wall Street Journal's Website - the rest is behind a paywall as far as I can tell. We cannot allow potentially copyrighted material to be posted. If there is open access to this article please provide a link.
  5. Physics or philosophy I’m not sure. My question and subsequent answers help me try to better understand. I was taught that anything that was dragged near a black hole would stretch and be ripped to pieces, and lost forever. Susskind questioned the issue of information being lost in hawking’s black hole. He explained that for instance a building is demolished, but that if you maintain all of the information about the structure that it can be duplicated. Therefore information is not lost. There are several theories of where information is stored and how it is retrieved from a black hole. If anything that enters a black hole is destroyed. What information could be retrieved no matter how it is stored? Isn’t it like taking all of the information about the building and running it through a super shredder. I ponder light and how it applies to information. I ponder light and the expanse of the universe and how it relates to information. And so I asked. A billion light years from earth a star goes supernova, we observe this when the light waves reach us. Can it be said that the event just took place as far as our understanding of time? Does the event last forever relative to distance? What if there was another civilization a billion light years further from the event than we are? The information of the event would still be traveling through space time. Does information travel in light infinitely?
  6. A billion light years from earth a star goes supernova, we observe this when the light waves reach us. Can it be said that the event just took place as far as our understanding of time? Does the event last forever relative to distance? What if there was another civilization a billion light years further from the event than we are? The information of the event would still be traveling through space time.
  7. Does anyone think it would be timely or worth sending up another vehicle, launched on an interception trajectory of the current voyager craft, to relay between the craft and NASA? The mission is set to end between 2020 and 2025. Sending up another craft outfitted with equipment to relay would allow the vehicle to continue sending back useful information about interstellar space. Shutting down systems could conserve power on the craft. Extending the range would allow us to communicate with Voyager longer than anticipated. Building and waiting 30 years or so to get another craft that far would be Cost prohibitive and delay our continued research in space. Thoughts.
  8. I no what you are saying, Nutrients in pig dong feeds organic veggies we love to eat. jello is animal cartilage. It just seems so wierd that we consciously use human parts (for lack of a better word). Soilent green lol. thanks for your response. I think that we have consumed every part of most animals and plants on earth now it seems we are feeding on ourselves.
  9. I recently read a report on the subject of using this as a dough conditioner in the commercial bakery industry. The article says that this additive is produced by dissolving feathers in an acid solution and then separating it. Most of this product is imported from China (about 90%) The article goes on to say that the Chinese use human hair to produce this product. Has anyone ever heard of this, it sounds kind of grouse? This product is said to also be made synthetically, but is more expensive to produce. Jewish Religion will only allow baked products using none of this product or synthetically made product in kosher baked goods. You people work with chemicals all the time. Please give me your thoughts. and thank you.
  10. Our reality is based on natural laws. Each new discovery confirms the laws for this universe. We have been able to witness the birth and death of a solar system. We understand that a collapsing star can produce such a strong gravitational pull that it can form a black hole. We have witnessed galaxies collide. I am curious about these things, and find myself pondering our universe trying to apply the natural laws of this universe. An infinitely dense singularity that somehow explodes has never seemed to be correct to me. There are theories that our universe is like a rubber band that at some point it will reverse and collapse on itself. I would think that if a star could create such a gravitational pull when it collapses’ on itself to create a black hole. What do you suppose would happen if the universe collapsed on itself? It would be more likely that if the universe would collapse it would likewise make a black hole that could never expand again. Other theories suggest galaxies will be eaten from the inside out as the orbits of the stars in the galaxy continue to lose energy via the emission of gravitational radiation. Black holes will vanish because; it too is radiating energy and evaporating. In the end, all that is left over in the universe will be no black holes and a thinning soup of electrons, neutrinos, anti-electrons and photons. This theory is more viable as to the possibility of our universe cycling through ignition as opposed to explosion. Thank you for the response and for reading my thoughts. Curious about
  11. What if it is more like the big ignition then a bang? All matter that is, was here all the time, atoms mingled with dark matter floating in infinite space. The ignition (introduction of energy) began to form the planets, solar systems, galaxies. Dark matter and dark energy causes the expansion. Gravity is relative to the curvature of space time. Dark matter is not influanced by gravity. Blac holes are the blenders in the universe recycling matter. ??????????????????
  12. The spirit of Christmas past; I used to trudge thru ankle deep muck in the fields in search of the perfect tree. Wife and kids in tow, giving countless opinion on every tree we saw. When finally a consensus was reached, I would pluck the tree from the earth and mount it on the roof of the family chariot, and of course set it up where I was instructed. My annual task was finished. I could sit back and revel in the cheerful sounds of the family decorating it. This went on for the first 15 or so years of wedded bliss. The last year (some 5 or so years ago) that I participated in this ritual. We again located the perfect specimen, drug it out of the field, and tied it to the car. I found upon leaving, that my car keys were not in my pocket. The kids and my wife drank hot chocolate and feed the reindeer displayed for our enjoyment, while I retraced our steps in search of my keys. Needless to say it was a quiet ride home that year. I swore it was time to cave to the inevitable, that we needed to buy the artificial tree. The spirit of Christmas present; my wife loves a live tree. I had my work cut out convincing her that an artificial tree was the way to go. Around October of that year I started to show her trees in any and all stores that we went to. I would drive to a stores that had trees even if it was out of my way. Finally she relented with conditions of course. It was decided that the tree had to meet stringent specs, we settled on a blue spruce fully strung with 2000 bulbs and a (life time warranty.) over 600 dollars later and I was the proud owner of the latest technology in tree design and illumination. I was elated. That year would surely be the best Christmas of all time. for the first 3 or so years things around the holidays were great for me. Set up the tree and sit back and watch the show. No fuss no muss. WRONG!!!!!!! The twinkling lights started to fail. On a massive scale. Ok I go to the store and buy a light bulb tester, no problemo. Well, after 30 or 40 dollars in different light testing equipment and hours and hours of searching and cursing I proclaimed defeat to the mighty tree and told the family that it was impossible to get all the lights to work. Oh wait a minute, the lifetime warranty. Of course I will go back to the store and get this fixed under the warranty. NOT!!! The warranty doesnt cover bulbs. I for the next 2 Christmases added strings to compensate for the lost lights. The spirit of Christmas future; August of this year my beloved informed that the tree was an embarrassment to her and the family and would not do. I was told the tree should be on the next trash truck to grace our abode. The tree was taken to the garage. Now I dont like to take defeat very well so as I stood in my domain (the garage)and eyed the tree. I stared at the beast and pondered , can it be done? Could I resurrect the family tree that had brought such joy to my life? I studied the trees lighting system. I think I can. I worked on that tree into the night. Painstakingly unwinding each of the 20 strains of lights. 1 after the other I patiently removed the strains. Finally success. With all of the criticism from my wife about how I was crazy, I did it. The lights were off and now I was restringing this magnificent tree, breathing life back into this wonderful object. I will be the envy of all of my peers. I conqured, I won!!!!!! After days of working on this project. My son came home from work last evening and announced. He wants to go back to a live tree. He wants to pay for it. My wife told me that now that he is working and wants to do this for the family that I shouldnt interfere. So I guess we are going to go back to that long forgotten field of dreams to once again pick out the perfect tree. And all isnt lost for I will still be the envy of all. For I will have a fully lighted Christmas tree in my garage.
  13. The republican dilemma is the tea party. Viewed as nuts by even the most conservative republicans themselves, they don’t know which way to turn. The tea party is adamant about such issues as illegal aliens flooding into the country, lowering taxes, less government interference in our lives. These are not necessarily the types of issues that most mainstream republican politicians want to make commitments about. There have been more debates in this primary then I can recall any previous years. And the poll numbers change almost weekly. I really think that if the tea party would go away you would see a big difference in the political arena.
  14. I will try to respond to each of your observations. I am not a genius,and I can't respond in your language. We are dumping less carbon into the atmosphere then ever before. In the early 20th century most of our source of heat was coal. I can remember the smell of coal in my neighborhood , from the coal furnaces . Cars were using lead in gasoline and steel plants used coal and natural gas to fire furnaces, but didnt use any type of scrubbers on the furnaces to remove the bad stuff that hurts our environment. I also remember when driving near one of the many steel mills that operated near my home town the disgusting rotten egg smell that we couldnt keep out of our car even with the windows rolled up. Yuck. Modern technology is constantly looking to make our lives easier but we have made great advances to reduce our carbon and other poisonous gas emissions. To date I have not read anything to suggest that electronic technology has caused climate changes or pollution. The discarding of some electronic devices has been shown to pollute the environment. But I dont think the use or production of electronic devices properly causes many problems. The current disposal methods of nuclear waste need to be reviewed but dont cause any problems for now. The earth goes through cycles we have had several ice ages as well as a few catastrophic events that may have caused several extinctions. Governments, scientists, researches, and citizens have been debating the continued pollutants created around the world for years. Younger generations are more aware of polluting the world. This is good. I have learned things from my children about our environment. I look at it like this. If I throw my McDonalds coffee cup out along the road, its stupid to expect someone else to clean it up. So I dont. I do things to limit my carbon foot print on earth because I can without causing me much of a problem. More people should to. In my little community recently it was discovered that a local auto salvage yard was emptying the battery cells from cars he was scrapping. This is an example of someone not properly discarding an electrical devise. It was stupid and he will have to pay to clean up the mess, as well as fines from our county court. You cant stop stupid. I dont think modern science and research explains weather or not global warming is caused by the hole in the ozone layer. I think that issue is cause for alarm because of what the ozone layer does. As I recall the ozone layer blocks certain harmful rays emitted by our sun. it isnt by all means the reason for the global warming issue. I do think that the pollutants we release into the atmosphere can cause what has been called the green house effect. But Im not an expert on this subject. I dont think magnetism is effected by carbon or most airborne pollutants. As I know it the earths magnetic field is caused by the liquid iron core. And its motion as the earth spins. Modern research suggests that the pollutants in the atmosphere block the radiant heat from the sun trapping it, they call it the green house effect. I havent heard of the magnetic field causing any rise in atmospheric or ground temperatures . Im not sure what electric wave you are referring to. I dont think I want to be here if the magnetic poles shift. I hear it would be quiet a ride.
  15. Is there an economic crisis or not? I suppose it depends on what resources any individual has. What may be a recession to you may be a depression to me. Knowledge and or sweat based financial gain seems to have been removed from the equation between the haves and the have not’s in our current economy. It seems that the ability to manipulate the system has brought most of the recent wealth to those that seem to have no conscious. The housing market is an example of one of the latest manipulations that produced extreme wealth to few and devastation to many. To date no legal action has been brought on to the manipulators that caused the fiasco. We as a society have placed unrealistic value on precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. The profiteers have cornered the market on these commodities. I wouldn’t begrudge an honest man for his wealth or fame of his own design. But the manipulation for personal wealth on the backs of the multitude’s has crossed the line of basic decency. There seems to be no limit in our society to how a person makes his fortune. There is the question of whether the U.S. government is in financial trouble or not. Fiscal irresponsibility has caused the current financial situation in Washington. I know there are any number of issues that could give rise to the situation, but in the end its how you use your resources. Fiscal irresponsibility is why Greece is in the shape it’s in as well. I propose that our society proclaim that sandstone be the new precious commodity that all financial institution use as the standard for bank notes.
  16. I'm glad to see you are still searching. You stated that you have been a atheist for some time and yet you continue to search for truth. In a world filled with so much dishonesty. Are you attempting to convert people to your truth? To have concluded that god does not exist would have taken you a lifetime of research, with all of the variations of religious belief. You stated that (religious groups cherry pick scripture and beliefs, that there is no universal Christian belief. How true, how many have died in the name of there faith. There are fundamentals that all religions agree on. There is a higher power that created all things, A mastermind of our reality. All knowledge of all things that will be. A reward for faith in him/her. And hope, for themselves and those that will come after them. You are compassionate about this subject. You have posted several threads on the subject of religion. I would say keep asking questions, keep searching for the answer to everything. (a·the·ist - unbeliever in God or deities), The definition suggests that the acknowledgment of a god or deities not to believe in. is an acknowledgment of a god or deity? Are you sure you’re an atheist?
  17. Finally I have found you. I too was sent back in time, to meet with you. I have been here for over 150 years. It has been difficult for me. I to urinate from my index finger and greet people by kicking them in the crouch. It has been hard to coexist with these inferior people. don’t waste your time proving yourself to them. I am to meet you to pass to you the additional pills you’ll need to accomplish your mission and return to our time. Meet me September the 11th 2001 in New York. On the 97th floor of the south tower of the world trade center. Remember to bring an umbrella its supposed to rain.
  18. I am training my Elephant in my back yard. Another intelligent life form is observing our planet from 10 light years away. They have advanced technology and can observe daily life on this planet. Would there observation of my yard be, a man training his animal or would they be seeing some thing that happened years ago? observation can we exist infinite based on distance?
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