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  1. thanks alot for everyone . I just plan to apply for PHD scholarship and my thesis will be about acetic anhydride and its medicine products. Knowing such things will help me to come up with an optimal solution in order to make balance between the cost of the production unit and the output of that unit. My idea isn't related to specific country and honestly, I'm out of nasty things. As I told you, I just want the use of acetic anhydride in medicine and that's it.
  2. Thank u so much Jakke for your reply. As I know acetic anhydride can be used to generate aspirin. What I want exactly is to get about 50 kg of aspirin per day. So, my question is how much it will cost to build or design a production unit of acetic anhydride that covers my need?. I'm a little bit new to deal with such situations. Please, If you have any details or documents that can help me, I'll be thankful
  3. could anyone help me ? I have a research on designing the production unit of acetic anhydride (used in the manufacture of aspirin), I will be thankful if u support your reply with necessary details/ resouces and pictures or anything related to the design of this unit.
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