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  1. Anyone know the radius of Hydrogen and the Helium Ion He+...that is with only one electron and using the Bohr atom
  2. thanks...this helps a bit...i hope anyway
  3. Why is E1 for He+ 4 times greater than the value for E1 for Hydrgoen This info may help I am following the conditions that: The radius of the ion is inversely proportional to the charge in the nucleus The energy of a particular level is directly proportional to the charge in the nucleus The energy of a particular level is inversely proportional to the radius I also have found two equations En = [1/(n^2)] * E1 & r = (n^2 * h^2)/(4pi^2 * m * k * q^2e) this is where r = radius, n = energy level, h = planks constant, m = mass of electrons, k = 9 x 10 ^9 and qe = charge of electron
  4. Happy pi day everyone...yep its 22/7 meaning its national pi day...so celebrate by using pi
  5. the point is can it be destroyed...and by this does it mean by the scratch test or by a nuke...nukes would do it but could u beat it in a scratch test
  6. its because of the structure of diamond that it is so hard
  7. ok thanks budullewraagh your help was great and the site is usefull...i have just started the equilibrium topic and we were asked to desing a poster (yes i know posters are lame but still its better than essays) that will tell a manufacturer about the process of making H2SO4 and its equilibrium in this process...we were also asked how can temperature, pressure,concentration and catalysits affect this process and how this can be used to maximise the H2SO4 production....and no i don't want full essays that i could copy but i am seriousely lacking in the reaserch department and any help would be great...thanks
  8. help please...i mean honestly people...someone must know about equilibrium
  9. also anyweb sites which refer to infustrial manufacturing of H2SO4 would be nice
  10. pKa1 pKa2 1.92 not sure ~ 4-6 I think thanks for the equation, but whats with the pKa1 pKa2 and the 1.92 and 4.6 i am a high school student and i need to maximise the industrial manufacturing of Sulphuric acid, in specific H2SO4
  11. What is an equilibrium equation for H2SO4 and how can i maximise the production rate of H2SO4 by changes in temperature, pressure, concentration and catalysts Also are there any references (preferably websites) where i can reveiw this information to cross check its acuraccy
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