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  1. I got 31/33. Had no idea about the Africa one or the cricket one.
  2. YT is right about this puzzle being flawed. This variation of the original riddle is impossible with the information given.
  3. However, since man 1 says that he can see the "colours" of the hats, man 2 would be able to see the color of the blind man's hat and therefore know the color of his own since the word color was plural in the first man's statement. Unless, of course, they are unaware of the colors of the hats represented in the black room. If you are going to use the word "colours" as evidence, then you must consider that it would also affect the knowledge of man 2. Since there are only two different possible colors, the second man should be able to figure out his own hat color. Or are we assuming that o
  4. I agree. I would like to see someone prove that this catastrophe is likely to occur rather than simply refute why CERN says it will not. On a side note, in a similar post I read that risk analysis is the chance of an event occurring multiplied by the magnitude of the results. Since the risk is virtually zero and the consequences are very large, maybe we should use L'Hopital's Rule.
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