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  1. From what i understand, large volcanic eruptions occur when the preassure below the surface is too great and the volcano blows it's top and spews out huge amounts of matter. My question is, why can't we drill into the chamber and slowly release the preassure? The side benefit of this would be that we could use this preassure to generate huge amounts of electricity. So what's the problem?
  2. Hypothetical question here. Lets say you have a peice of rope 1000 light years long, and you have someone on each end of the rope. the rope is pulled tight (so no slack). If one person pulls the rope, will the other person feel the pull instantly, or will it take time for the force to travel across the rope?
  3. Thanks iNow and Sisyphus i see what you're saying. 1) If light doesnt have mass, then howcome it is affected by gravity? 2) Howcome light travels faster in a vacuum than in an atmosphere?
  4. I don't really understand... Im not much of a scientist, just a curious person Does light have mass?
  5. Simple question i guess, but one i dont have an answer for...
  6. I have noticed that animals appear to be less sensitive to pain than humans... Like when the dog does something stupid and hurts itsself, it looks extremely painful but the dog doesnt even seem to care. Is it possible that animals have evolved over time to be less sensitive to pain? Considering that in the animal kingdom, most animals suffer extremely painful looking deaths...
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