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  1. Since you will have a BS degree it would be better for you to go the PA route. You will have to go back and get a BSN ( Bachelor of Science Nursing) to be a NP. That would take longer.
  2. This sounds about like symbolic interactionism. Wait....what? LOL
  3. Again, thanks for the replies. I want to eventually and ultimately get into anti aging research. After doing a bit more research, I think a molecular biology or straight genetics degree would probably suit my interests best. It figures I just now found my passion after all but one semester remaining in my sociology degree which I now find quite boring and some of it even borderline pseudoscience (not to offend any sociologists). Some of it is interesting, applicable to real life, and empirical, but a lot of the sociological studies are nothing more than someone conducting a biased observation to fit their ideology and then calling it fact or research. Some things just can't be accurately measured. This is why I like the natural sciences. It is more concrete.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I see what you mean about checking with the individual schools and programs. A lot of it depends on the actual professor and what their research interest is in. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I am a new poster. Like several other posts I have seen on here, I am a current social science major that is in the process of switching to a "hard" science. Unfortunately, I am a senior and just figured out what my passion is. I am new to the sciences so please forgive me for not knowing the exact specifics of what I want to study. I do know what I am interested in and want to study. That leads me to my question. I am interested in genetic engineering. I would like to learn about manipulating DNA and engineering existing DNA. Cloning is also interesting. What degree would best suit me to pursue? I have read a lot online but get general answers. I have narrowed it down to molecular biology, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, or just a straight PH.D in genetics. I want to pursue a doctorate in one of those fields. Would a genetics degree teach me the most about genetic engineering? Would the other three majors teach me genetic engineering techniques? Thanks for the input.
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