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  1. I thinking it would be like the glue on flypaper but it cant just be completely stuck to the wood it has to be sticky but at the same time be able to be re moved and re stuck again and again and again if that makes sense?
  2. yea i guess its just for my science class but i dont know if I will be able to it because everyone seems to stop responding with an answer lol
  3. I wouldnt say caffeine is good for you.. Although legal it is still a drug so no is my answer it is not good for you
  4. good idea lol umm Trying to create an incredble sticky glove that sticks to wood really well thats about it im not sure how or what material i need to use to accomplish that do you?
  5. I deffinatley think Telepathy is possible most of us only use about 10% our brian to functions and look how amzaing we are I can only imagine what we could do if we actually used 80% or even 90% of our brain.
  6. alright thank you. What material would you recomend using to combine with the Silcon Grip Palm on these glvoes in this this picture down below the 2 part epoxy resin, silicon acetate, or contact adhesive and still get the long lasting sticky grip that im looking for. If it is even possible to combine the silcon palm grip with either of those 3 materials. Box finger construction for a close fit <LI>Silicon grip palm <LI>Sticky print on fingers and thumbs <LI>Knitted soft cuff <LI>Average weight (pair): 70g / 2.5oz <LI>Fabric content: 100% Polyeste
  7. okay thank you that sounds good. What about tree sap do know how long that stays sticky for once it is dried?
  8. Do you know of any other materials? Preferably ones that stay Sticky for a long period of time??
  9. I am working on a project that is requiring me to find a material, chemical or basically anything that sticks to wood extremly well. If anyone knows of anything It would be much appreciated. peace and love - OneWithEnki
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