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  1. elemantalscientific.net unitednuclear.com
  2. Man, you really are against the home lab, eh? Don't you remember your first science kit anymore? Stop trying to squelch curiosity. To the OP: OTC reagents can be purified, go to Google. Also, Lye is most definitely not HCl.
  3. I am an analytical chemist. Amateur access to reagents is due to the "War on Terror" and "War on (Some) Drugs." Plenty of amateurs out there have access to LC, GC, GC/MS, to name a few. Safety is, of course, paramount. But with care and research, chemistry can be done at home. You're doing no one any favors by discouraging chemical curiosity
  4. For someone who (claims to) has chem degrees, you certainly seem to have a case of chemophobia. Amateur experimentation has lead to many, MANY advancements, and discouraging curiosity isn't a good plan. Not everyone without a degree is making bombs or drugs, not every home lab is a ticking time bomb. OP, if you're a serious amateur experimenter, check out sciencemadness.org
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