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  1. Would a superfluid medium show dispersive properties as well as nonliniear speeds depending on wavelength?
  2. Simple question with a not so simple answer probably: Why can't photons be thought of as solitons? Assuming for a moment that there is some kind of a space-time medium, could a photon not be a soliton in such a setup? I have read something against it, which stated that there are no processes that could produce such a wave. For instance an electron giving up energy in the form of a photon does not oscillate in the right way or at all. Would such a solition produce the kind of effects one sees with the double slit experiment? I would think that the idea of photons as solitons would be a stra
  3. This seems to be a widely misunderstood concept (including by me), yet one commonly used wrongly. One of the common mistakes, for instance, is describing something as simply infinite without specifying exactly what quality of the thing is supposed to be infinite. So let me make some statements and ask some questions regarding infinity and I would like anyone properly knowledgeable to verify their validity, if not make some corrections. It seems to me that structure can exist within infinity. One example of this would be that in a hypothetical universe that is infinite in time, space and ma
  4. Do they now? Thanks, that is what I was looking for. I'll read up on it a bit.
  5. Electromagnetism similar to gravity? Or are they the same law?
  6. Has there ever been found a relation between some properties of light (its speed, how mass increases as an object nears light speed, the degree to which light is bent by a gravity field, possible energy levels of photons, etc.) and the equation ? Or rather, are there any phenomena ascribed to light/photons that can be reduced to or is described by the equation? I know this is a pretty vague question, but any answer would be welcome.
  7. This could be difficult and tedious to follow as a result of the lack of proper terms on my part , so please bare with me. I’d like to know if it is possible for a mathematical constraint to be the cause of emergent properties or self organisation. (1)Lets say that you have an infinite number of points on a boundless 2D plane. The distance between any two points is a 1D line/string, and is related by a probability curve. This curve is , where x > 0; x is Distance and y is Probability (The first quadrant half of a Hyperbola). It is my understanding that there can be structure wit
  8. I had this problem on another forum as well. Let me provide a hopefully clearer discription. I agree with what you are saying. I said a finite number of point sources, meaning point sources that have the added attributes as I discribed. If the construct were to be able to exhibit volume, then starting with an infinite number of point sources would negate the role the sphere/bag/skin plays in the setup, which is that you could form an intuative picture of volume created by the construct. I wanted to set up the experiment in my mind with some added particulars and then see what happens. Point
  9. This is one of a few scenario's I was contemplating today while on a trip. Suppose you have a square sheet of rubber. This rubber has zero internal friction and perfect elasticity. Now, take two sides and join them, forming a cylinder. Take one end and start rolling it up so that you are turning it inside-out. When you have done a bit, give it a final yank and let go. This is done in a perfect vacuum with no external interference. What will happen? As I see it, it should keep on rolling until it is completely inside-out. But then I think it should continue (as a result of momentum
  10. I have been having a lot of fun with my theory trying to judge its qualitative compatibility with observation and current theory (lacking the maths required for quantitative explorations) as I expand on the emergences of the premise. I am glad to see someone doing serious research on a somewhat similar model. I will watch your progress with interest.
  11. Well, thanks a lot for that description. I have my own little hypothesis (devoid of math) that involves the medium behaving like a superfluid, with the constituent "particles" being sub-Planck lengthed to get rid of the base reference frame problem. I apparently also have wave packets in it mostly as representing photons (I have been calling them wave bundles though, more complex ones being particles). Yours looks much more detailed and thorough though. Good luck to you.
  12. Does this imply the involvement of some kind of medium? Are you describing photons as solitons, maybe topological solitons? Could this be extrapolated to describe particles? If my questions don't make sense or aren't even pertinent, it is because I am a layman that doesn't know what he is talking about. "No, no and stay out of this thread, idiot" would then be an acceptable response.
  13. First a quote from the NIST page on recent Bose-Einstein Condensate experiments: ” Working at JILA, physicist Carl Wieman's [pronounced wy-man] team has explored tuning the self-interaction of atoms in a BEC. By making a BEC in a particular isotope of rubidium, rubidium-85, and then changing the magnetic field in which the BEC is sitting, the team is able to adjust the wavefunction's self-interaction between repulsion and attraction. If the self-interaction is repulsive, all the parts of the wavefunction push each other away. If it is attractive, they all pull towards each other, like grav
  14. New Science, you can't call your philosophical musings a theory. It has none of the requirements. You make a variety of claims, with no supporting evidence or even logic, and then build on them with still more assumptive claims. Did you think you'd be taken seriously? And don't start mumbling about "narrow-mindedness" and "power science" and other pseudoscientist fodder please.
  15. Your ideas have a few similarities to the ideas I posted on this and other sites in the past, i.e. particles being quantized waves themselves and some others. One thing you do not address is that these waves of yours need a medium that you attribute to the generic thought of "space-time", but hint at some form of aether instead. Do you have any ideas about the nature of this medium?
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