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  1. Well thats an invalid argument, the aliens sure do survive on their planet, and where man survive is irrelevant. Let's just say they didn't.Infact they died out and where resurrected.
  2. It's a question of perspective. If it really had been the worst place in space, Then I suspect the obvious. Someone or something wants to feel safe tonight, and I don't recommend anyone to so much as move a muscle out of line. A such a place would've been built for a good reason, and that's why there would probably be a very risky thing here on earth that needs safety. Simply the hammer of Thor. That is why I believe that it may very well be true that hell is the worst place in space, thus we aren't in a safe place of the galaxy. This is really a sucky place to be in. So if you figure hell should be sorta like a paradise then you should hitchhike out of the planet. If anyone would dare take you.
  3. Only by the book. If they really where opposite then you can't feel both at the same time. With one hate and 2 love you'd simply weind up in loving the person. But you still do both. Lest you flex which you don't. What is your counter argument?
  4. No he ain't. I saw him. Tall black man with white clothes, had the hope of the whole people with him. They would all have died with him, so I didn't hurt him much. But he was not that powerfull at that time. That's just people and I had this hammer that was much more powerfull. It was made from 2 galactic black holes that I helped quench the thirst of by some unknown interaction with eachother. You wouldn't understand how close it was that you all died that time. This is me Thor wrighting, and you may quote me any time you like.
  5. It just makes them depressed, and depression is a big nono these days. Not moral. Thoughts about dying are for old and dying people. I don't want to show them a mummy either.
  6. Why yes sir, dna kicks but, that's why it makes up little stories of why you give me your sandwich etcetera.
  7. I like paradoxes, seldomly find them though. I like especially to solve them. Now, since the scholars have a million different definitions of god, I don't care if he is paradoxical. If someone told me I was fantastically supergreat all the time, I'd probably go against the flow. Probably that's why the world isn't a deoderante
  8. I find it good custom to believe in our kind and we were a one of a kind in doing things.
  9. Lest he was lost in a black hole bearing no time, he'd rather function like a clock. And lest we sorta hit him every year in space, I guess he'll have to move a bit.
  10. The opposite of love is void. Love has all but the one thing that it craves and void is nothing but one thing, and that is void. Void is very dangerous though. Don't hurt yourself while experimenting.
  11. If I were immortal I would be happier every day. And here I am, happy... continously happy, increasing a little every day.
  12. What defines a conscious being? If you are to believe what most people say, it is infact a very rare constallation of particles that dies from one hundred degrees celcius, and they are very stubborn sir, very stubborn. But it is really particles of a certain entity in space. That can stand many, many things. Heat, for instance. And an entity is basically a congruent mathematical unit that takes a physical shape in the universe. Else I fear that only a very sensitive being called a human, nearly undetecteable by radar would be conscious.
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