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  1. Did I not just describe it? I just said that R is an infinite number.
  2. But lets say the largest possible number is absolutely infinite by properties. R + 1 = S but... S = R so... R + 1 = R
  3. That was different, a hypercane is only a third the diameter of a normal hurricane, but still considered a superstorm.
  4. What "Great Mystery" ? It is already known that the multiple ice particles and water droplets are pushed around violently in the cumulonimbus cloud. The friction creates static and the positive static gathers at the top of the cloud and the negative at the bottom. Continuously this process is done all over again and again. Until the static electricity is too great between the two charges, the cloud lets out a giant spark to another charged mass, the ground. In a way the ground also creates its own spark and leaps up to meet with the incoming spark. Otherwise the cloud lets out that giant spark known as lightning to another cumulonimbus cloud.
  5. It isd very possible that there would be intelligent life somewhere out there. They wont look exactly LIKE us humans because of evolutionary courses but its possible theyll be humanoid.
  6. Try to imagine a four dimensional object which is the universe. And since the universe is expancing you could say its expanding into a four dimensional "vacuum" which is nothingness
  7. Here a couple of links that will explain further. Here and here
  8. Thank you. I was just finding someone who knows a lot about climate and met so i could discuss it with someone who also knows a lot I will PM you.
  9. eg. a=startpoint of numbers b=endpoint of numbers a <-------------------------------------------------------------------> b ^ this area in between a and b is continously infinite.
  10. Absolute Infinity was "conceived" or lets say discovered by Georg Cantor and was considered to transcend all the transfinite numbers and the the set of all sets (paradox). But there was never any explanation to why there couldnt be an end to numbers, to humans, to whoever. Now this might sound like a stupid thread, i might be given explanations "because it just goes on and on and on" well that is true but we couldnt reach Absolute Infinity just by going on and on. Why arent the line of numbers with a start and an endpoint but the "space" of numbers in between the start and end is continuously infinite, transfinite, or Absolutely Infinite? Why isnt there a "Totality" that goes beyond all conceivable, inconceivable numbers while everything below "Totality" "just goes and on and on and on" ?
  11. Oh thanks celine. But i already bought Rudy Rucker's Infinity and the Mind. But thanks anyways.
  12. I believe its some kind of point at the very start of the big bang. Where it weighed trillions and trillions and trillions of tons, where the basic elements layed, and when all the fundamental forces were joined as one "superforce."
  13. Think of a billion billion nuclear warheads going off at the same time.. EVERY SECOND.
  14. Now lets say we were able to go inside the convection zone and survive. There we would hear the sun in perfect harmony. But im guessing the sound blasts would be so loud it might as well kill us.
  15. I wonder what we will look like in a million years.
  16. And where could i post a topic concerning met and climate?
  17. For the last couple of decades c has been considered as the ultimate speed limit. Until tachyons and gravitons came into the picture.
  18. Okay. This is a completely arguable thing : the eye. And this is a completely unscientifical, last minute hypothesis. Completely arguable. Okay the storm depicted in the movie is continental in size. Probably the limit to singular stoms (if youre wondering about mars "global" dust storms its really kind of like several updrafts of dust that interconnects with each other across the planet) on earth. Well because of its really massive size and high wind speeds as the storm rotates inward (not like a hurricanes outward spin) it pulls down the supercooled air of the tropopause maybe along with some air from the lower stratosphere, possible affecting the ozone above the eye. Now that the air is descending rapidly and is about -150 F or lower.. warm air couldnt rise because of its rapid cooling. Though the air would be or should be warming the rapidly descending air would be pushing down on the warm air and cooling the warm air rapidly. So shortly speaking there isnt any warming of air. Lets say the eye is kinda like an "anti tornado" This is could plausible, but give away your arguments.
  19. Think of it in this kindergarten point of view. If .999... isnt equal to 1, then what is the outcome or difference? 1 - .999... = ?
  20. Hmm. maybe your eyes are a little too used to skimming. *shrugs* As Bryn said, try using a guide.
  21. Well haha. I couldnt call myself a met or climate expert but i know a lot of stuff. Its been suggested that when these storms worked in "hives" meaning about fifteen hypercanes worldwide it killed the dinosaurs. Although apart from a direct effect of an asteroid, that asteroid isnt large enough to cause extinction worldwide. So assuming that the asteroid brought other smaller asteroids from the asteroid belt each one causing its own little hypercane, you could say that the indirect effects of the asteroid caused the extinction, meaning hypercanes, which caused the dark and cold era which brought down the dinosaurs. Although this is just a hypothesis. Other than that, no hypercane has ever happened within any human's lifetime. Unless a massive eruption happened in the ocean and managed to superheat the water within an area of thirty miles under a crowd of thunderclouds, one could happen. An average hurricane's eyewall can reach up to max wind speeds 250 mph, a long shot to hypercane status in where the eyewalls can reach up to almost the speed of sound : 750 mph
  22. It can also tear apart some areas of the ozone in the stratosphere above it.
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