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    interests? I tend to be interested in a whole lot of stuff. it's a general specialization of everything, you could say :P
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    HAH! look at my age
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    is there a study of everything?
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    Canadian Mormon that thinks that everything is possible and that everything has a connection to everything else. and yes, I believe in fairies (that was a joke... but still possible :3)
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  1. I would say yes... merely because of the name. we believe in Christ, and so, would that technically not fit as 'Christian'? adding extra requirements onto what 'constitutes' being a Christian is like saying you have to be white in order to run for president, Prime-Minister, or whatever else (which of course, is blatantly wrong). I think people just like to say that we're not (I've grown up Mormon, fyi. but I tend to have an un-biased world view as well) because it's something new and different, and that we're adding on to what's been the same for almost two millennia. people just naturally don
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