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  1. This stuff is bad bad bad. Taken from US FDA/CFSAN For more information on Aspartame, check out Aspartame and Nutrasweet Toxicity Info Center Just for all to know, aspartame is genetically modified bacteria where the ammino acids are split leaving no trace of the bacteria, just the chemicals.
  2. Let me dispense my knowledge here, there world will end in 2012....no, form 2006 - 2012 the world will go into a bottle neck, any people will die, two super volcanos are suppose to explode, one in the states and one in india....comets are said to fall out of the sky. Lots of shits suppose to happen you can already see signs of it.....Mayan and Egyptian Calenders end on 2012 the bible codes say the ending days will start in 2006 but really it starts this year =) Um....everything points to now! I done my research well over the years....now its time for me to end my broken post. -- http://www.theafternow.com --
  3. If anything, see if you can get some pvc and create a vent for all the heat to go out to, then redirect it out of your room....Or opening a window always helps
  4. I use a combonation of all, but for a quick view I go through the live feed option on firefox.
  5. I'm pretty sure I can mod that PS3 to my will, slap windows longhorn on that baby. It will purr like a cat!
  6. If anyone wants one they can PM me as well. Edit: Got 50 too! w00t!
  7. My advice get a usb flash drive they are fairly inexpensive, hell of a lot more reliable than floppys and hold dozens times more. A good cheap one at newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-211-220&depa=1 Edit: Oh and if you don't know what they are...It's a memory stick using the usb port that can hold a good amount of data. They are usually plug and play so there is no software to install.
  8. Maybe if the guy put himself up for study through a series of cameras observing him sleeping, then I would believe it. But since there is no repuatble source for this its hard to tell if its true or just a haox to catch peoples attention.
  9. You had your self Simon zOMG So Simons Simon and he is also Simon, relation...your all the same guy??? Or the other thought Your related to your childs child by being the grandfather...and Son-in-brither -in-law by insest.
  10. I would think its all practially the same, we all use the standard 1,2,3,4,5...numbering system so I would think that math over all is generally similar. And in the computer field I believe its no differant with the programming.
  11. *says in mystical voice* Think outside the box!
  12. Because people are money hungry (not to mention we need it to survive in this world). If something is a product it will be sold, someway or another regardless.
  13. Nothing more than glare, your using a digicam right, try switching cameras or clean the lens once in a while. You them kinda effects if the lens ain't cleaned right yeah know. =)
  14. Its not to get you far in anything, just to observe what happens when they collide. Kind of like when two planes collide what does it produce an explosion. Now what do atoms and bacteria form when we do that.... ¿anti-matter?¿ecoli?LOL Then we can advance. IMO I do think this post is quite valid.
  15. I must add that with the current development of nanotechnology the HGP(Human Genome Project) I that it will play an important role in its advancements.
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