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  1. Will we ever have flying cars? http://t.co/HosPvFz

  2. Just finished writing by new technology article! Come check out the 8 futuristic tech within our grasp http://t.co/QGnYc2x

  3. Going to post a new technology article, stay tuned

  4. Looking for guest bloggers or to guest post for more exposure? Check out MyBlogGuest http://t.co/LwZ6gRh via @myblogguest

  5. Did you know that the highest skydive was set at 103,000 ft! You can read more about it here http://t.co/7RobLXq

  6. Caffeine doesn't really have any ill effects besides making you feel worse than before you drank it (but thats temporary). If there is a good effect to caffeine I haven't heard of them.
  7. I would say that what your are describing is not only a sense but essentially what Consciousness is. In order to understand our thoughts we have to come to the realization "I exist". We really can't/don't understand thoughts at all until we reach this point.
  8. I think it may have been that when people who are unsure/don't remember a certain incident are given what their peers remember, they rely on their peers memory instead of following their own hunch
  9. lawljj


    In essence....they don't. It's the bonds that truly determine those things, and like you said, because of the different number of protons,electrons, and neutrons each element bonds in a unique way
  10. it's like that experiment where you put covers on your eyes and leave the radio on static and eventually you start to hallucinate
  11. The reason you don't feel any ill effects is probably because you spread out your eating over the course of the day.
  12. it's a good start but I would add some questions in regards to the Sun in comparison to other stars.
  13. Bowl of Knowledge: Flying Cars of the Past, Present, and Future http://t.co/BoIbDyg

  14. Cool article I'm assuming that the material from the dead neurons are used to create new neurons or repair neurons. Waste not want not
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