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  1. I can't see anything that may be unethical about it...
  2. Has anyone heard that snippet of trivia that goes... "It would take you 8 years of non-stop yelling in order for you to produce enough sound energy to heat up an average cup of coffee". Now I am not too sure about the validity of such a statement but if it is true, then I'd say the temp. increase due to sound is so small that it would require very very sensitive equipment to pick up.
  3. There are definitely females here. =P
  4. In my opinion, I think it'd be very very similar to the electrolysis of water...? Saliva is mostly water anyway. I think differences would be on the microscopic level. Interesting point.
  5. Personally, I believe I am more emotional when I haven't slept. So from my point of view, the results of the study do not surprise me.
  6. It's been a long-held belief (though not necessarily true) that generally, girls are "better" at English and Humanities, whereas boys are "better" at Maths and Science. Haha, I'm crap at English and Humanities though. And I am better Maths and Science.
  7. From my understanding, savants are people who are incredibly gifted in one area (say, quantum physics) but are limited in other areas (mostly social skills, but some savants are classified as mentally disabled, but still can be brilliant in one area). I'm sure that they are brilliant, in a sense, but I'd rather be more well-rounded than brilliant in one area and severely limited in others.
  8. I believe that we'll probably never know for sure whether or not fish/chicken are "concious". I do like to think that humans have higher levels of conciousness than most other animals. There is an argument that dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals (and they are the only other animals to have sex for pleasure! Sorry =P I'm not even sure if that snippet of trivia is true), but they cannot utilise that intelligence to build tools because their anatomy doesn't allow it. Humans, on the other hand, have the intellectual and physical capacity to make things due to our opposable thumbs and manual dexterity. Sorry, I went off on a bit of tangent there.
  9. When your partner tells you that they will be with you "forever", then "forever" is defined as 6 months...or at least til someone more attractive appears. </3
  10. I agree with Sisyphus, you can't do two demanding tasks simultaneously, but you can do a few non-demanding tasks simultaneously. =) And the "we only use 10% of our brains" is definitely a myth.
  11. I'm in Australia too! High five!!! As for me, I go to a Selective School in New South Wales, it's fairly competitive and since I'm looking for a UAI of 99+, I do go to Tutoring for that "extra edge". Tutoring is extremely useful as it motivates you, gives you more direction and more information is always useful. However, tutoring is rather expensive at times and some people don't see the use of it. If you have dud teachers, it is extremely useful, so go for it! Whereabouts are you considering doing tutoring?
  12. I believe if someone is in a lot of pain, has no prospect of ever leading a "normal", fulfilling life (ie. a low quality of life) or even survival, then Euthanasia is okay. Some people with terminal illnesses may decide to "die with dignity" before the disease leaves them completely dependent on someone and incapacitated. Any opinions?
  13. Lilian

    Abortion Survey...

    I doubt that they are safer for the mother. I know for a fact that abortions are much safer when they are done in the early stages (when the embryo is a ball of cells and can be taken out with a small syringe). Late-trimester abortions are very risky. I believe that if a woman has been raped, it is not wrong for her to abort the pregnancy. She has every right to. F, 16. I see where you are coming from, although I cannot see how people (in the right frame of mind) would think, "Hey, I'm not going to use contraception! I can always have an abortion in a month's time!" Condoms are a lot easier than abortions. =\
  14. You can get patches, gum and those little sticks (they look like cigarettes) that are infused with a bit of nicotine that you "smoke" (it delivers a dose of nicotine and gives you the feeling of holding a cigarette)...I've never smoked before so I'm not sure how well they work. But recently, our federal government has decided to offer a subsidy for these drugs, because these smoke-quitting aids are rather expensive. Great move! Though some would argue that it's the smokers fault for smoking in the first place and government revenue shouldn't be used to pay for them. Oh by the way, it's the Australian government I'm referring to when I say "Federal government".
  15. Most eggs we eat are unfertilised (battery hen eggs anyway, since there are no roosters around). I wish I'd known this fact when I was 7, and I attempted to incubate a chicken's egg from the supermarket by carefully placing it my bed with my electric blanket on and a thermometer hanging out under my sheets. Sadly, the egg never hatched, but started to rot after a week, much to my dismay. So I can (almost) safely say that since most eggs we buy from supermarkets are unfertilised, I can eat eggs with very little guilt, as it is simply a chicken's gamete - just a sex cell with the haploid number of chromosones, and thus cannot be considered a life.
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