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  1. Everyone lives in the same year no matter what they choose to call it, because the only time that really exist is now. A calendar is something humans have invented to keep track of "time".
  2. That's really awesome in my opinion! I LOVE the laws of physics
  3. This is really interesting! Does this mean that you in theory can fall and survive from ANY height if the conditions were the same as on earth?
  4. hmmrn

    Transparent train

    Thanks mate, though I'm not really into translations, especially not when it comes to advanced stuff. A text is always best in its original shape
  5. hmmrn

    Transparent train

    It sounds REALLY interesting acctually! Confusion is always fun, hehe. My only problem will be the language. As you might have noticed by now I don't master english as well as I'd like to, and I'm sure relativity is a whole lot better explained in english than it is in swedish, as english is the international language of science.
  6. hmmrn

    Transparent train

    Giving my question a little more thought I've come to realize the question itself is rather stupid. It's all so obvious. Sorry for wasting your time guys, I was wrong.
  7. It's hard to explain why they're not the same age better than people have done in this thread to be honest. You have to stop thinking of time as an absolute as you do with distance or mass. There's no way to acctually "meassure" time as we do on earth using clocks and such.
  8. That's a really good question! I think they use more % of the brain, although they might not use quite as much % of the specific areas of the brain that they're using as a person who focuses on only one task. Good question.
  9. We use only aproximately 10% of our brain at the same time, though we use all of our brain somehow, some time. Look at it this way: Can you talk to a person, read a book, jump up and down and drink orange juice at the same time? No, you can't, not at the same time, but you can do all of those things.
  10. hmmrn

    Transparent train

    But wouldn't it still look like the coin is falling straight down for the observer outside the train? I mean, it's kinda the same perspective as for the guy inside the train because he's there and the coin will fall straight down in relation to the dude.
  11. Yes, I doubt the intentionality behind whales which beach themselves.
  12. iNow, I didn't read the link on your previous post so I might just be wrong, but PETA isn't a very good source when it comes to animal bahaviour. The organisation is way to political.
  13. Earth might just be unique in our galaxy. Perhaps it's the only habitable planet for humans in the entire milky way. Though there are probably a whole lot of planets like earth throughout universe.
  14. This is something I've never thought of. Perhaps it's unique to human race to commit suicide consiously, although I can't see why other animals can't have feelings and get depressed in the same way as we do.
  15. Anything times infinity equals to infinity. Infinity never start nor end. "Forever" is a certain space of time (let's say a second) times infinity, meaning it has no beginning and no end. As time both started and eventually will end, there is no forever. That's my theory.
  16. Hello! I've got a question for you guys. A friend of mine told me this: If someone is travelling in a transparent train and drops a coin (standing on his feet, whatever this has to do with anything), for him, the coin would go straight down, but for someone standing outside the train as it goes by, the coin wouldn't fall only straight down, but also in the trains moving direction making the coins movement look diagonal. I think this is wrong as the coin still relates to the guy dropping it, and therefore it will look like the coin is going down in a straight line or else it would land some feet in front of the dude inside the train, which makes no sense at all. Well, who's right and who's wrong? I'm not very knowledeable with physics so I'd like to have someone explain who's right and why. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english (it's not easy for a kid living in Sweden with swedish as his native language instead of "la lingua pura" ).
  17. I thought it was impossible, so I checked the spoilers and I really got upset at myself for not giving this riddle the time it deserved, sorry.
  18. Haha that freaked me out! Here in Sweden it's four in the morning and my parents are asleep. Well... WERE asleep.
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