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  1. iNow, your skeptical attitude is exactly what we're looking for. There is nothing to help you with or steal on this site. It's a place where you can post your studies and review what others have done. The goal is for this to be the site where knowledgeable people go because they want claims that are backed up with data.
  2. RE: Is there a deadline? No. It will be an ongoing project. Feel free to submit your studies at any time. RE: Is this peer-reviewed? When someone submits an article, is becomes available for other users to read, rate, and comment on. So before being published, an article will need a form of peer review, even if it is not the same process used by academic journals.
  3. Hi, A group of science enthusiasts are trying to get a journal together that publishes amateur science articles. If you've done any research that you care to share with the world, visit us at
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