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  1. wow, 4 months is a long time lol... I think longest I've had a sore is probably 2 weeks?
  2. I think it's something like having an entire day free and having nothing to do. Seeing that's 4:00 and spending time doing nothing ...for quite a while...then looking back at the clock because it's becoming agonizing, and seeing that's its only 4:05
  3. Completely agree with Rhino. Of course we can get back to the sticky subject of those with an altered state of mind having control of someone's life...but for the sake me not posting something really lost, let's not (for now). However, I do have a question. DNRs are just too narrow for me, I don't think I'd ever sign one. However, if in a will you state that you don't want to be kept on life support in such and such situations, or if you tell a close family member, how does that play out? I would assume it's still under jurisdiction of state law (in which case I've move to Oregon). Should it be? I think it's apparent that I think not. Then again, we get into more hazy lines and such with being able to verify that said person was okay with whatever they chose. So in my perfect world, (unless this already exists) there should be a legal document that people must make after the age of 18 specifying terms of their death in extraordinary conditions. Yes, I realize the age can be debated on, but it would land basically where a person is capable of making their own decisions knowing that they will actually impact their life. I would say earlier rather than later because then the document would be pointless to have. And of course, you may edit it anytime you wish. You should also have some very close family member with you so that it's not just on paper, but spoken aloud as well.
  4. Just to put my two cents in, yes, it's pretty much normal in that your friend isn't insane. My friend too has this problem, but she says that it's more likely to happen to her when she's sleeping on her back and when she doesn't have enough time to sleep properly.
  5. Too bad I can't do the nap thing. It's either a good night's sleep or nothing for me. The headache after a "nice" nap is just not worth it.
  6. I would say canker sore as well. If you've bitten yourself there, or done something that cut you, it can get infected (for lack of a better word) and create a sore. They'll go away on their own, but they're pretty painful. I use a home remedy of bamboo salt on the sore, but I wouldn't think that's such a common commodity. People suggest baking soda, I think.
  7. Try this out for kicks: http://www.amazon.com/Why-We-Love-Chemistry-Romantic/dp/0805069135 I did a science project on this a while back and pinned most of it on Oxytocin. Yes, the research was rather narrow, that's what a very early high school science project requires of you. But as I understood it, Oxytocin is responsible for creating bonds between people. So in the most basic sense, the more you're with someone, the more oxytocin there is, and the closer to feel to them. There was an interesting experiment with a certain type of rodent that maintains monogamous relationships had their oxytocin receptors blocked (correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption. I don't remember exactly how it was done, but oxytocin was taken out of the equation), the social structure of the families degenerated immediately with what were essentially "one-night stands".
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