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  1. I just noticed your reply to this thread, please be aware that UnitedNucleus has changed its name to Nuclearon. We have just made a new post with the link to our company's site, plus explaining some of the many items available to everyone. Our site can be found here NUCLEARON Thank you Omega54
  2. omega54


    I like to invite and announce to everyone interested, Nuclearon has some interesting offerings and products for the science minded student, few of which are Thorium Mantles, Scientillation Alpha Radiation viewing screens, GeigerScope kits, Lead containers, Trinitite collector grade specimens (historical), Trinitite Photocards, and not mention our extensive of available Radioisotopes and Isotope Sets, we offer these in disc, Tube Needle & Rod forms, all exempt quanities for the researcher and student alike. We hope you might stop by & visit us here at Nuclearon. NUCLEARON
  3. Just a quick note to inform anyone interested , we have added a few new items to our website, one is a very nice sized Lead Container specifically designed for the standard 1 x 1/8" inch size check sources, will approx. hold eight of these License-exempt sources, these are priced at $20.00 each. We also have added among Thorium Mantles, we also have just added ZnS Scintillation Screens for viewing Alpha Radiation or can also be used in the construction of a Spinthariscope. Stop by our site UnitedNucleus for a visit, UnitedNucleus
  4. Hello Everyone - I just wanted to announce to anyone who needs or requires for home lab experiments such as in Cloud Chambers or simple geiger counter check sources. That you can now find Thorium Lantern mantles and also have available at a very low prices, some very nice lead containers w/lids, for storage of your check sources or radioactive rocks in your collection-Limited Quanity on the larger pieces. Also, anyone that has any used lab equipment wishing to sell, may list it for free under our section titled "RADWARE", for FREE, no limit timelimit, photos of the equipment also accepted! Please email me or our company to request to place your equipment on this list, please supply description and any photos to be posted. All of the above items and more at : UnitedNucleus
  5. Well, it might be similar, but then again Lazar does not hold an exclusive right to the colors in his site, nor does he own the domain of United Nucleus, and perhaps you should ask how United nuclear took the United Nuclear name from a company with the exact same name in MO. At least I came up with my domain on my own. But thanks for pointing this out though, much appreciated!
  6. Hello Everyone - I like to extend an open invitation to all science followers and students who have an interest in nuclear science and radiation studies, to stop by my newly created website that has been under construction and development for the past six months. our site is called united nucleus, our staff has compiled an extensive listing of radioisotopes, from needle sources to tubes, disc and even rods for research and study. we also offer one of the finest isotope generators available at the lowest price. You will also find assortment of authentic & historic Trinitite specimens, from single to Lots. many other items also, and many more items to be added in the upcoming weeks, which will include thorium check sources and ZnS screens. ALL OUR PRICES WHERE LISTED INCLUDE SHIPPING COST! SO STOP BY AND VISIT US AT http://unitednucleus.com/
  7. Thank you for the great reply, however after almost an hour of searching some the sites, you were kind enought to list, i simply could not find any vials that were of the type I am looking for.! These vials I am after must really be specialized. I was hoping some chemist here might be able to offer some of these vial, called accuform Microvials by Kimax to me, but so far no luck omega
  8. Hello - I have been searching to purchase some special vials, these vials are called "Accuform Microvials" by Kimax. I like to acquire only six or so,with threaded caps, clear glass. with a capacity of about 1 ml or < I have included a photo of the type of vial I am seeking But so far in my search I have found them listed by various companies, but they only sell in by the case, generally that costs around 96.00 dollars or so, trying to avoid this kind of cost since I only like to acquire about six total, but I can't seem to find any place that sells these vials in smaller quantities? Any help or advice with this small problem, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you steve
  9. Thanks, but tried that option last year already, but no luck, does not look to promising for me in acquiring anyof the mentioned Uranium compounds, the paranoia since 911 has seriously hampered alot of science minded endeavors, for private individuals and students alike, very sad indeed! steve
  10. Hello everyone, I still am seriously searching for anyone inthe U.S., that might be able to help me in obtaining a few grams or samples of the following compounds ofUranium for my element collection: 1. Uranyl Nitrate 2. Uranium Dioxide, sometimes refered to as "Yellowcake" any and all advice or help is greatly appreciated! Thank you steve
  11. Hello - I like many have been putting together a element collection, thruthe years have been pretty successful as far as the pocket book allows. I am now trying to acquire various Uranium related chemicals or compounds to add to the starving Uranium suite of the collection. I am advidly looking for a sample of Uranyl Nitrate crystals & a sample of what is refered to as Yellowcake Uranium? I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from anyone toeards my ongoing endeavor Thanks to all... Steve
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