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  1. Have you ever played Pimp Quest on one of those calcs? Has got to be one of the best. I just wish that the calc would work faster and not take so long to think through the commands that you give it.
  2. The HULK tosses tanks like I toss dead animals!
  3. :offtopic: Besides the okay comp. animation in SW episode 2, the acting was the most horrible in any movie that I've ever seen! And do you know why? Because George Lucas is a great designer but a horrible director and he directed it. The acting would probably be fine if they had just cut out the fake romance. Those love scenes sucked ass. I almost puked.
  4. No clue at all. But I know what an usher is. I didn't know that being one could make you sick.
  5. Did you know that I've heard that about 89% of all cows in the U.S. are now branded with either a MC or a BK to determine if they will go to McDonalds or Buger King? Cows are the living shit of the food chain and I love to eat them!
  6. Elves have never even read the Bible because they have nver read the Bible because they have nver read the Bible because they have nver read the Bible because they have nver read the Bible... because they don't even know that it exists.
  7. I pray that God strikes you down and your horsefakaness.
  8. You don't even have enough money for a super computer! How are you supposing to form an empire without a supercomputer?!
  9. Imaginary #'s are imaginary. They don't exists so who cares?
  10. Don't all you dummies know that we've always been living in the Matrix? Duh.
  11. Prove that you are not real or existing. What I think that has struck Soulja is what happens when you think to hard about something. Soulja is searching for something so deep and so complex (since he will not accept that he exists) that his mind has tricked him into believing that nothing exists. If you really are serious about this, Soulja, then I have a question. Were you ever loved as a kid or felt attatched to something personal outside yourself or did your parents constantly drop you on your head so much that you wanted to believe the pain was unreal so you believed it was really unreal? Dude, you need a hug or something cause youur brain is wacked!:loser:
  12. Life without music would be a life soon to discover the revolutionary therapy called music.
  13. mister_me

    Mars by 2010?

    I think that we should be able to accomplish some sort of livible conditions such as buldings on the moon before we begin thinking about going to Mars. What about equipping ourselves with weapons if we go to Mars? The martians wont take to kindly to us landing in person on their planet. They can handle our RC vehicles but not us ourselves. Have you seen Mission To Mars???? It was a disaster! All because they hadn't planned on some force attacking them. We should be careful :uhh:
  14. By the way, I don't see much war going on right now, just more diplomatic reasoning and crap. When did you say the war on Iraq was going to start, Mr. President?
  15. Mr. President, you need to get rid of the self righteous pig headed governor of California, Grey Davis. He keeps making budget cuts and kids are feeling the crap of it. Bill Simon should've won, especially since you wanted him to win. He would've changed CA for the better.
  16. Can't you give the prez a little bit of slack, Faf? It's just a bunch of no-nonsense fun. Wouldn't it be cool if the real prez was on the forum??? woah, dude! That would, like, totally, like, rock. Yeah!
  17. mister_me


    I knew that they were going to win from the beginning. That's why I put $70 on it. NOW I"M RICH!!!
  18. Why, congratulations!
  19. Zarkov sure was a gutsy guy. He stood up for what he believed in without ever backing down (with some evidence of his genious). *sniff he was a good rebel. Let us not forget him.
  20. nah Me thinks not good idea to do that
  21. You know what is the best thing to do with somone you think is relly obnoxious (no, don't ban them, PLEASE!)? Just ignore them. If you've ever had a little brother then you have learned this valuable lesson. "Patience is a virtue." - Confucious
  22. Did you know that this is not a political forum? I thought that you were aloud to talk about whatever you want in General Discussion.:spam:
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