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  1. Thank you for the answers. I got the idea now.
  2. Does anybody have ever seen bird(s) that fly upside down? I never see any. I think bird's anatomy itself do not let them fly flipped upside down. But maybe I am wrong. Sorry, it is a stupid question. But, I think it is interesting.
  3. All is steel. The screw is steel, and also its bolt. And, yes. it is wingnut. Thanks all. And sorry for my English
  4. I am really sorry for my unclear question. We are not using any screwdriver to tighten it. And it is a small wing screw. About 3 cm wingspan. Thank you very much for your concern
  5. Can anybody tell me how strong our hand can tighten a screw(in Pascal)? Thank you very much and sorry for my English
  6. I think someone will found it many years later from now.
  7. I believe that anything has their own believe. I believe that computer program is originally based on 0-1 binary number. And I believe that human is a highly unreachable enormous complex structure of 0-1 to computer. I believe that our life on this earth is based on believe. I believe that you cannot read this message if you don't believe in alphabet character. I believe that there is something greater than our universe, affect our universe directly. Thanks. And sorry for my bad English
  8. I'm a newbie...but let's try... What we are debating is still the concept of "now", I think. As Relativity said, there is no absolute "now". Example: Jim and Jack bring a very-very big flare that can be detonated, and also a clock. They fly from earth, jim goes to sun, and Jack goes to Mars. They stop when the ship inform that they have travelled 3s of lightspeed. Then, as promised before, they explode each flare when the clock show the time. And...bang...but, who's bang. Of course, they can see their flare, but they still need to wait 6 second to see another's flare. "Now" is different in each person's point of view. It's my thought. Thanks, and sorry for bad English.
  9. There could be many probabilities. We still don't know exactly what our children can do. Maybe they can reversed smokes back into burnable material..or maybe they could use sun like we use fuel...maybe.... about the heat...we still have abundant water in our seas. If we can build city infrastructures in deep sea, we will not have to worry about heat. thanks
  10. 1. I'm only an ungraduated Industrial Engineering student. 2. I'm really sorry for my bad English(it's not my mother's language). 3. Thank you for all comments. 4. The problem is : " We have developed the world until what we can see now. And also, we as human have developed our sciences. Newtonian Law's of mechanics is probably one of the most significant development(of course another is Einstein's, and many-many others). But, science is what we see from nature, isn't it? we can only describe it with many limitations as human being. The rule then applied. For any scientist's law or postulate, if no one could deny it with another rational explanation, then we must accept it. Okay. But then, many socialist critism us that we are too pragmatic. We see and consider everything related with sciences. We are common with mechanics. We see everything mechanically. And badly, we apply it in our daily life, our relation with others, other's relation with others, and everything. And i feel that they are right at many case. Although i will not leave my "mechanical" view, for my jobs and my engineer thinks, but i feel it's it hard and blurred to leave my mechanical view in our life with others and everything else beside engineering. And i feel also that many of us (Engineering, Scientists, Practicians, etc) is seems to be tightened with this mechanical view. Even phsycology, they categorized many things such as defence mechanism of human...even human have mechanical side viewed by human science. Yeah...that's it all..and friends, please reply...I know almost of us in this forums is engineer, scientists, researchers, practicians, etc, who are more experienced than i am. " 5. Thank you for reading my long threads...and don't forget to reply....anything you want to say....thanks a lot!
  11. 1. Thank you for all of you for posted many messages. 2. I'm an Industrial Engineering Student. 3. I'm interested at this topic, and Sorry for my bad English. 4. WIll somebody explain me simple things. Light is come from bulb or neon lamps, or anything emitted light. Then, many-many particle of lights is emmitted from those lamps to our room. Bounching-and bounching they make perfect and imperfect reflection in our room. and after that, where did they go? why when we turn off the lamp our room wil be dark, completely dark could be possible? (maybe silly but please explain). 5. According to Stephen H. , The Theory of Everything, Singularity happen before our universe is born and in a blackhole. Singularity is a kind of condition when things is compressed by infinite forces into infinitely small thing. 6. Blackhole can pull light. Stephen also said that there is a hypotetical "Worm Hole" by passing a line cutting light circular way caused by black hole's gravity. 7. Imaginative : Let say we have a brother in a star 90 years of lightspeed from earth. We call him, "I will go to your home.", then, we ride our hyperspace-enabled spacecraft. We will come before our call is heard by our brother. We are come there before EM waves, before light, BUT NOT BEFORE TIME isn't it like that? SO, time travelling is impossible. 8. Thanks a lot. I'm very happy with this forums.
  12. What make us as the best creature is one thing, We can use tools. How strong any creature is, how fast any creature is, and how perfect any creature is, as long as they cannot use tools, they will be defeated by tools using capable creature.
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