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  1. I agree, at the moment we have no way to prove these odds. Our technology isn't up to par yet. This is all about assumptions and educated guesses. I'm excited to see the 30 meter telescope, giant magellan telescope, and the european extremely large telescope go up. I do believe with these new tools we will be able to see more through the window into space. Hopefully these tools should help us rely less on our assumptions and give us more facts.
  2. I have no idea. Simply put the odds are more in favor of many planets with life than just one (ours).
  3. I'm about 50/50 with this theory. I do agree we are quite limited with the view hubble gave us. The photo with every small smudge of light is a galaxy truely says words about how big the universe is. But that is indeed how far we are limited to seeing (any telescope). So if we looked beyond that we would of course see many more galaxies. I believe there are possible parallel universes in which there are truely an infinite amount. But I don't necessarily believe in our universe there are exact copies of our planet and us humans as how we are today. I believe there could very well be exact copies of us and slight to major variations in parallel universes.
  4. Extremely high too. Think about this.. Most astronomers think the majority of stars have planets. so let's make a modest assumption. Say a quarter of all the stars in our galaxy had just ONE planet. That's 100 billion planets. Times 300 billion galaxies. That's how many planets probably exist. The odds are unbelievably high that life exists on many of them. Even a fraction of a fraction of that number is still incredibly high.
  5. I'm pretty excited about seeing this if it happens. The chanes of an impact will get higher early next month once they have a better grasp on its trajectory.
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