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  1. Well at this point he has not responded but you can see the thread here if you like here
  2. INow There is a lot to get through and I really appretiate the time and effort you put into that post. Thanks Chris
  3. After a very brief look the New Scientist article looks facinating I'll have a cloaser look tomorrow as it's 01:12 in the morning here so I'm off to Thanks for helping the noob; much appretiated.
  4. Tried that but obvously that has yet to work! In practice I'm not so much interested in showing him what the problems is (he is far beyond help) however I am interested in showing the less scientifically literate members just what a bunch of tommy rot this guy is talking! Thanks for the Wiki link thedarkshade I'll stick that in the melting pot at our end. Do you know of any other links one could add to continue the Regards Chris Excellent that one goes in as well! Edit Actually the Talk Origins link does not refute the specific BS proposed by our little visitor. His request is that we prove that c has not changed. If I am reading it right the TO link cites research that does not show this. The stated experimental data only says that a constant speed could fall within the experimental data. I understand this but our little creotard friend will just use it as a wriggle hole.
  5. Hi my name is Chris and I’m a noob! Well I’m a noob here but I’m a Forum Moderator (CJ) on the Forum at Richard Dawkins Net. We often get fundy nut jobs visiting our site and we have a particularly irritating version currently bugging the other members. So I have come here to ask for some help. The question I would like answered is where on the web should I direct this person to that would show him that c has not changed since the big bang? This person is fairly obviously trying the old “light has changed speed since the universe formed” argument to expound a theory that God did it! It’s quite a common tactic of these people to ask ridiculous questions and then when they can’t be answered claim all of science is rubbish. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Regards Chris
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