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  1. Was wondering if anyone knows of any good GPL Animation Software.... Thanks. By the way... In case any of you guys are into financial investments... Your financial Portfolio is worth what it costs you to own it... I Guess I put this in the wrong place again... Wheres the main area of the forum?
  2. I put this Software on my laptop... I think its very promising... You can get it at geobebra.org ... Hope this is a contribution to the people on this forum... I also have an opinion that may not be very popular with everyone on this forum... But what opinion Is popular with everyone... Here goes... I have read the User agreements of some popular social sites... Seems to me that everything a user displays or creates belongs to them or their third party partners... May be Im reading it wrong but it Seems to their the ones getting wealthy from others inspiration... Am I thinking wrong here or so
  3. Using E85 is one of the ways of freeing the U.S. From the oil Cartel... Its not the gas milage thats the Issue here ... By using E85 the U.S. Has some leverage as an alternate fuel... Ethanol from sugar is 8 times more potent than from other sources...corn..etc. If one were to do the math 8 times more potent seems to add up to 8 times as much. See the Point.? And the U.S. Gets the added benefit of having an alternate fuel source.. ( the only sustainable fuel source seems to be the renewable fuel ssources ) Cheers.
  4. Shouldnt the annual change of (percent) being 3.4.5.and 6 percent for years 1 thru 4 respectively be expressed differently.? Since the (percent) for years 1 thru 4 change from 3.to 4. To 5. to finally 6 (percent) through the time period (span) of four years. Looks like if this being true. It would affect your formula.... It would seem you would have to find something else to use besides the ((a4/a1)) in your formula... This may even clear up your seemingly slimpler view of the solution to the problem... Which I thought was pretty good reasoning... Cheers.
  5. Hi Dr Josh... I commented on one of your Posts... Nice to meet you... My name is Andrew and I noticed you was looking for someone to jog your Brain. I read a lot of tech type books.

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