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  1. i dont think so ya they are innocent but not dumb
  2. multitask programs are given the priority levels in java and the time for abou how much seconds or miliseconds to pause this function and in the mean time the other one is resumed but remember once removed the other task will take its time according to the priority then it will stop in this way you can make many functions stop one resume other.
  3. actually your muscle get hypertrophized and there is pain in this situation for 3-5 days now you should use iodex or such bam . when muscle work against unbearable load the muscle fiber size increases to compansate the load that cause too pain for few days this is what happens in muscular exersise.
  4. actually when you have had big meal then there is unusual increased peristalsis (movement in stomach and intestine) this activity is so high that it stimulates the local enteric nervous system of GIT which cause the internal sphincters to open causing a desire to deficate(evacuate) and hence all the rectal contents the previous ones (digested ) and the current ones that reaches the jujenum and ilium (without the nutritional absorbtion) are ejected.
  5. actually we feel good when there is something of our interest so make up you mind that you can do it and then go and do something of your interest watch TV or do anything for about an hour or two and then come to study and then dont think of anything else you can do it by just thinking of everything in the book like just while reading concentrate on the spellings the punctuation or even after reading a sentence think it again and then proceed in the beginning you will find it difficult but then it will be easy coz after few days you will not feel this distraction.
  6. it is an inherited disease and that it is caused due to the deficiency of an enzyme B-glucocerebrosidase a lysosomal enzyme .Normally this enzyme hydrolyze the glucocerebroside into ceramide and glucose. Int he absence of this enzyme glucocerebrosidase cant be degraded in the body as a result it starts accumulating in the body as 'kerasin' in cells i.e liver, spleen , bone marrow and also brain. characterstically there is elevation in serum acid phosphate level. both adults and infants are effected Infants: loss of weight, fails to grow mentalretardation Adults: splenomegaly bone pain anaemialeucopenia and thrombocytopenia.
  7. there are different states of sleep which we called different brain states and we can see it with the help of EEG , i dont know of which state you are talking but defferent states have different significance for example in delta state we die for about few microseconds and our physiology is totally stopped, just like a supercomputer computer is turned off for a few seconds and this is enough to give rest to the brain and in other states the worn out cells are replaced in the body and other wear and tear is done.
  8. well this is what we called the acccimitization at high altitude which the himalaya ppls do a type of modification but for that i will advice you to start yoga with meditations and you can even hold your breadth for about 15 minutes and also do some muscular exersise to increase your vital capacity (volume of gas we can expire forcefully after forceful inspiration).
  9. 3000 G bell this is the sound intensity approximately on the sun we will die if we hear such a loud sound coz it would not only destroy our thympanic membrane but also will increase the tempreature of earth and we all will cogulate. AM I RIGHT AM I WRONG I AM DEAD.
  10. motionmountain your book is not available in asian countries so if you ever think to publish it in asia i can sponser you book. well think about it.
  11. well i am also new but i have the basic knowledge about QM.
  12. no actually i know how to use a forum what actually i wanted i am sorry not to mention that i want links of the structure and making of a steam generator in home just to make the atomic generator that YT2095 wrote in his atricle.
  13. Can anybody help me work out how to make a steam generator.
  14. I am getting the whole circuit but i am confused of how to make an antenna (of what material) and instead of the rheostat can i use a tuning capacitor. And what about the L1 the coil what type of coil i have to use with how many turns.
  15. well actually super conductors work at the poles so no heat loss and unlimited current can pass through it but as everything has a limit it also reaches its maximum limit.
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