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  1. That's happen to me last time when i heated the bleach (NaCLO + Water) i get NaCLO3 with mass of bubbles
  2. NaOH Soultion! it's a powder that i have should i dissolve it with water to get NaOH solution Is there any way to separate it from NaCL?
  3. Is it possible to pass a chlorine gas (NOT LIQUID) on NaOH to get NaOCL ? For example i have 500 G of NaOH and 300 CM3 of CL2 so if i mixed them i get NaOCL ? I really want to try this one
  4. 2nd


    Can I use electrical cell method Solution of (NH3 + 2HOH) ---> (NH4OH) + H+ (Out on Anode?) I just want to mix NH4OH with KNO3 to get NH4NO3 I didn't find any way
  5. 2nd


    Sorry i mean Ammonia Hydroxide Can i separate it away from Ammonia Hydroxide ?
  6. Is it possible to obtaining by this method: 2NH3 + NaOH ---> NH4OH + Na
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