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  1. hello. this is chitrangda beter known as book worm. peculier dp.

  2. Well I dont think that we have enough information about memory storage of the human brain to answer anything like this. Perhaps when your brain is converting yur short term memory into long term it somehow associates this particular phrase or whatnot with a more significant stimulus. Or, taking a very Freudian approach, you have feelings for your mother. (The Freud comment is a joke, but when talking about the human mind he always comes to my mind)
  3. well that is a very long and tedious process. I have found a place that is willing to sell it to me for $18 a kg. how does this price compare to the market price. (although with the market being so small i don't see how there can be suck a market price)
  4. Unfortunately gardening stores in Australia don't appear to sell KNO3 based stump removers, or any chemical based stump removers for that matter. I have asked numerous gardening stores and all turn up blank. I even dared a chance with my local Bunning's Warehouse and upon the request of a stump remover the kid behind the counter said "what? You mean like a shovel or something?". Hmm....it seems that nobody wants to hand out cheap KNO3 in the land down under.
  5. Such an organism would be, for all intents and purposes, a "neomort". Basically just a brain dead organism. See, by being devoid of all sensory information the "baby" would be a blank slate. As such it could process information, but its brain would not have any information to process. (It is "senseless"). So while having little to do with the original question i feel that i have contributed somewhat to the conversation. Link to the "neomort" article. http://www.allanturner.com/death04.html
  6. G'day there. Just working on my curiosity. ;p

  7. Well I think that the full scope of the human voice would act much like a musical instrument, varying in pitch, timbre, volume etc. So really words (spoken that is, not written) would be just as effective as conveying most emotions that music can. However I may be wrong on this. I think they like what the sound signifies as opposed to enjoying the sound itself. The dogs would like any sounds that means there is a person on the other side of the door. I agree with you in fact i went on to state that it wasnt because they enjoyed it but because it was conditioned into the dog .
  8. curiouslou


    Now where was th fun in that. PLUS the question asks for the properties of soy milk as well, so your answer isnt perfect
  9. Well if i am right this is rather simple...i think. BREEDING #1 if you look at the table (C128EB) in the given website you can see that a dog with an orange coat can have either a black or brown nose. As the dog Morgan is Orange with a brown nose we can see that there is only one genotype that matches this description. that is "eebb". If you look you will see that the lower case of the allele shows that it is a recessive gene. Same thing with Lexie. Once again standard procedure follows for Valor, however one can include the KK alleles, although i am not sure if this is 100% necessary.
  10. curiouslou


    Wasn't sure what properties you wanted listed but ok btw...this is just information on the world wide web, i am not a milk expert, although i do drink a bit of it. COW MILK pH - 6.5 fat content - (Whole milk) 3-5% Water content - 80-90% Boiling point - approx 100 degrees C (dependent on numerous factors) Protein content - 3-5% SOY MILK pH - 7 fat content - 2% Water content - 60-80% (I guess this depends on manufacturing process) Boiling point - (I cant give anything concrete but i assume close to that of water) Protein Content - 3.5-5% http://www.cfsan.fda.gov
  11. cant help you there. but I do have a question sparked by curiosity (and isn't that what science is all about ) What, may I ask, are you using this project for?
  12. Thanks for the info guys but my major dilemma was not in the application of such a chemical nor in places that it might be, i was trying to get a more precise answer. I say this without any disrespect to the previous posters and I notice that I am asking for a little bit of spoon feeding (although i have searched laboriously to obtain a source). Anyways, thanks for the replies already, any more would be kindly appreciated.
  13. But then again what is music anyway? What do we class as "music"? I think it is simply sound, which is vibrations at alternating pitch and frequency, generally following a rhythm. So in its simplest form a consistent tapping noise that varies in pitch could be "music". So really we can say the sound of knocking on a door is a rather primitive form of music. And my dogs (not so sure about other people's) always run to the door when there is a knock. So really they do "like' that sound, however that is simply because (in my opinion) a sign of conditioning wherein a non-significant stimulus becom
  14. Well the first thing we must ask is not whether and animal "likes" a sound, but why an organism would be drawn to a particular stimuli in the first place. For instance, why do some humans enjoy certain kinds of music? Is it simply up to "taste" or perhaps is there a deeper mechanism in play? Could this variation be observed in other organisms? Perhaps one cat may enjoy the calming aura of Vivaldi while another might enjoy the heavy bass of Bob Marley. The scenario you put forth certainly does provoke thought, not only in regards to other animals but in regards to humans themselves. What d
  15. Here is the basic question, I can no find a cheap source of Potassium Nitrate within my local area. I have read on the internet about lengthy refinement methods and i have purchased the product of Ebay (for an expensive $15 a pound), however I am certain that it must be able to be attained cheaper. I have rang 5 nurseries and out of the three who knew what it was, only one stocked it. However the one who stocked it refused to sell it to me, openly expressing his assumptions that I will be using it to make explosives. anyway, the basic question is, "Where can i get KNO3 in Sydney". I hope that
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