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  1. Hmm...This is very interesting. So you're saying if you look at it directly it stops flashing?
  2. I don't think I've ever mistaken it for an actual radio because it only happens if I start focusing hard on a song. I have to mentally "play" the song to hear it, it doesn't just happen out of nowhere.
  3. I do physically hear the music, but it sounds disembodied. Somewhat reminiscent of a radio playing in another room. It doesn't overpower 'real' sounds, but I can hear it.
  4. Ok so I am a fairly average human in most respects. I am a bit of an insomniac, I sleep about 4 hours per night on average, frequently staying up for 36+ hours straight. I have frequent headaches that as of yet no doctor can seem to explain and a near-photographic memory. Ok so maybe I'm not so average, but recently I discovered that I can sort of 'force' myself to hallucinate. I was at a buddies house and I was bored, just staring off into space with my mind wandering aimlessly. Slowly my eyes started to feel strange, like they were constantly focussing and unfocussing. The room started to sort of melt and warp and my ears started ringing. I kind of shook my head and it went away, but now I can do this to myself whenever I want. It's kind of fun to do actually but I'm not sure if it's dangerous to my sanity. It's been a couple of months since the first time it happened and now I can make shapes and colors appear and hear music whenever I want, I sort of play it from my head from memory, but I actually hear it. I'm sure this sounds rather unbelievable, but humor me. If anyone has any explanation for any of this it would be much appreciated. Oh and if it makes a difference I am an 18 year old white male.
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