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  1. I just got a retort for Christmas wooh, but my yields are terrible most likely caused by a lot steam passing out that isn't condensed , is there a cheap way to help condense this steam to improve yields?
  2. It is stronger than HCl, can you make HBr from rubbing alcohol, and bromine?
  3. I want an acid to substitute hydrochloric acid ,in some cases
  4. huh my salt contains 45% iodide the reaction might work if i used the salt I want to make hydrobromic acid You can make it from bromine and sulfur dioxide, but my lab isn't good enough to make sulfur dioxide without the gas leaking out of jar. If I make sodium bromide I can react it with acetic acid to make hydrobromic acid. I heard somewhere that you can make hydrogen bromide,"Once I got that it is super easy to make hydrobromic acid", by reacting bromine and rubbing alcohol, but I don't think that will work.
  5. i am guessing that if i switch sodium iodide with potassium iodide, "I can get at pharmacy", it will make potassium bromide
  6. ok, does anyone know where i can get sodium idiode, or make it?
  7. if i do it outside and let it sit for a while, will it be okay. Last question will the salt dissolve in the bromine, if so how would i extract the bromide from the toxic liquid.
  8. Like nitric acid and copper coin dangerous? And all I have to do is pour salt into bromine
  9. Im am sorry, but what is hard about the first method:confused:. I don't have sodium iodide.
  10. ok, is there another way of making it.
  11. ok thanks i'll just go with the chloride, and sodium acetate way.
  12. I know that you can buy sodium bromide at a store, but i just got some bromine so it would be cool if i could do this. So would sodium bromide be made, if I heated bromine and sodium chloride together.
  13. Can anyone tell me how to make acetic anhydride by dehydrating acetic acid.
  14. I was wondering if this would work. If I mixed sodium chloride, and hydrogen peroxide, then I would add hydrochloric acid into the mixture. Would that work. Note "I don't plan on making this yet until I have the right safety protection stuff".
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