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  1. I'm not quite sure i understand. how does the battery interact with the magnet, how are they working together? and what makes it spin? Its just not making scene to me
  2. I am doing a science project on a homopolar motor and i have built a replica of the project shown in the video. however i do not know how to explain what is happening. Nor do i understand whats happening. Any help at all is much appreciated thank you in advance for all of your help
  3. none off the top of my head but NASA has got to be pulling people from somewhere... ill look around and tell you if i find anything.
  4. there is no end to space... thats just like asking when time ends...
  5. time... you cant really talk about time like its an item or an action. time does not have a speed, and it does not have a mass or a volume, time is its on category, therefor making it impossibles to measure. This is why I personally think "time travel" is one of the most far fetched myths there is.
  6. i think you need all the sleep you can get at your age... and the reason for this is because your body has an internal clock and for some people it is very hard to offset.
  7. is the ability to solve a problem, or compute. NOT memorize.
  8. T man831

    atom help

    please don't shy away from anything, i want to know everything there is to know about this subject. starting at the very basics, and proceeding to the most in-depth answers posible
  9. T man831

    atom help

    can some one please explain to me the structure(s) of an atom? (i know its a very "open ended" question... but i really don't ave any clue were to start.) any input at all is a lot of help thank you
  10. can some one please explain to me how to view an invisible file??? (widows XP) i have a virus and i know were it is. but i don't know how to get to it to delete it, because its "invisible".
  11. how harmful can sodium acetate be??? and what do you have to do to make it harmful? i need to know for a school project.
  12. can some one clear me up on the beliefs and thought process of an atheists? I have been pronounced atheist by many of my friends... but have found almost no information about it. (other than they don't believe in god...)
  13. yes its possible... and it will happen one day. (ITS NOT GUNA BE CHEEP)
  14. hating other religions is wrong... how ever accepting them as being week minded, or lesser, i think is normal.
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