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  1. The only cheap tactic I see is that you say I implied the leaders of the USSR were dumb. I never mentioned the USSR and certainly never implied they were dumb. Show me where I did and I will acknowledge it or forever hold your peace. You get as you give Ophiolite, go down to your level every now and again and see.
  2. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    Don't cry wolf! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Boy_Who_Cried_Wolf
  3. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    A Tripolation, I tried that activity you call trolling, I never would have guessed that's the name for it, I added a load of positive votes to peoples' reputations, I feel good, wow Am I a troll?
  4. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    Ydoaps, sorry , I had this idea that A Tripolation was an arsehole and considering it kind of counterbalances his self explanatory troll admission, am I now not equal? + 3
  5. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    Virtues are well earned or natural, mine are natural. Your an arsehole!
  6. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    Ex 1 , I say, don't be idiotic , I get a warning of some sort of a level the basis of which is unclear. You say , you're an idiot , you get three reputation positives .
  7. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    30 000 posts , three blind mice !
  8. ACUV

    Trolls or Staff ?

    There are nearly 10000 posts since 2004 under your current alias. Don't take this as an insult or trolling or flaming as it's not meant to be, but as I look through the forums and see staff holding one set of rules about what they can do and another set of rules for non staff members I can sincerely only ask, Are you blind?
  9. War killed your ambassador, you're at war in Libya! War killed your ambassador, you're at war in Libya!
  10. Did you see a comment in a topic which surely, had you been the person to do it would have been called flaming or trolling, but staff or moderators had put their name to it. Go on, tell us about it, don't be afraid in this topic to say who the member of staff was and what the person said. Are you afraid, don't be, you can only be banned! Isn't that correct, Phi for all!
  11. ACUV


    I thought I was being coherent. CaptainPanic knows what I'm talking about, I think.
  12. I did see the possibility in terminology used by the OP that other more advanced options should be considered. You have considered this and I myself am being pointed by you to an area of interest. Matrices was never something I had been taught. Thanks!
  13. ACUV


    Possible other uses for ICBM's. Perhaps just a moment of humour that you do?
  14. I assumed a basic level of manipulation of simultaneous equations. I hope it helps.
  15. ACUV


    A burst football or an old guitar or a certain individuals ego, no not god, guess again?
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