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  1. I was wondering; Is it possible to grow tall even if your parents arent tall? Im 5'7 and would like to grow another 2 inches. I've been taking suppliments like zinc and calcium to assist in growth. Is there anything else I could do or am I wasting my time?
  2. What I meant was combining someone elses DNA with your own genetic structure. Could you replace half of your DNA with theirs?
  3. Is it possible to combine another persons genetics with your own? If so, what would the results be? would you start to look like them and take on their characteristics?
  4. That's because hate is caused by fear. They are hated because they are different from what's "normal" . Because people generally fear the things they don't understand, and fear eventually transendes into hate.
  5. Well I can honestly say that I'm not homophobic against gay men, but I'm kind of homophobic towards lesbians(I have my reasons! I could write a 3 page essay on this but I wont do it here!) I don't mind gay guy's because the thought of two (good-looking) lads together makes me quite...um...happy . But the thought of two members of my gender together just makes me want to gag...anyhoo that's my two cents.
  6. I was merley trying to answer bloodhound's question of were the "dumb blonde" stereo type came from...and I think I'm right.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...but really, could it be done? serious reply's this time...
  8. something like that yea, but with humans. no flies...
  9. This is just something that popped into my head. Say there was a way to permanently fuse your DNA with another person's. Would you slowly begin to take on the physical characteristcs of that person?
  10. It is said that men find blondes to be more attractive than any other type of woman. Now, many men (pathetic men) are threatend by intelligent women and because so many men find blondes attractive, perhaps the blondes feel the need to act like they have a brain shortage because they feel it might make them more attractive to men.
  11. Pam's "look" represents the typical american porn star idea of what is beautiful.(which of course is not true beauty) and if women want to look like that, all the worse for them because looking like a barbie doll isn't beautiful at all, its bland, fake and boring. How would you rather look; interesting, classy and unique? or like a bleach blonde fake titted over-tanned yankee doodle whore? Not a difficult question. Oh bugger, its waaayyy past my bedtime..why am i still up?...why must I always have the last word?
  12. Oh go on with you...this has gotten too damn boring for anyone to be paying attention, the question is why am I responding?...the answer is because its cold and rainy outside and there's not much else to do. Now I may be blonde and 16 but Im not stupid and I detest the "dumb blonde" stereo type. So when Aardvark said he pities people who havent met dumb blondes, that pissed me off...so there you go. Now I'm going to bake cookies which is a far more enjoyable activity than arguning with people about some silly crap. Bye bye now.
  13. In other words, giving someone a taste of they're own medicine. There are always two ways to look at these things.
  14. Ah yes, cute cute, and of course, anyone who chooses to associate with "dumb blondes" or dim-witted people and pities those who don't, must have a seriously dull and boring social life. By the way I get out plenty, thanks for your concern.
  15. Aardvark...you silly wanker, get it right, anyone who has met dumb blondes should be pitied. If you enjoy meeting idiots, what does that say about you?
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