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  1. Where would I go about fund info on theory? Like what are good reads that you found helpful? Thank you! I'm going to check that out!
  2. Greetings and Salutations, im new to this forum, and to the scientific world in general, its something iv always loved and wished to get into, but i just have know idea where to start, i like chemistry and biology and body anatamy, i would love some help on websites that i can order equipment, books, etc that can help me with this stuff, im not to sure how to research properly, so if you have any tips on how to do that it would be appreciated, and if you just have any tips and tricks that you would like to share, mistakes you made that you would like to prevent in another, i have a few projects that i would like to research and complete and i have a basic lab set up ( test tubes, beakers, etc ) if any of you would like to help with my research, im more than happy to work with yall, i have a webcam and skype, and if not by that email works just as well. knowledge is power, and power comes in numbers, so if we work together theres more of a possiblity of completing the project. looks as tho im just ranting now tho, PM if your interested in working together, and again any tips and tricks and pointers would be appreciated, Thank you:) Sincerly, CJBaker93
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