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  1. Why is blue shift not called violet shift? I never got the reason, I realize it's possible that there is no reason other then it's easier to say, but I would love a solid answer. Red and violet are at opposite ends of the visible light spectrum, it would make sense to call it violet shift instead of blue shift. Now here's where you make me feel like an idiot because I'm worrying about such a trivial thing.
  2. It is flawed, I loathe the school system, public school systems suck. Private schools are great though, I love them. I skipped 8th grade and went on to 9th. I got a 3.95 as my year average, and exelled my classmates in math and science. 'Nuff said. It can't suit everyone's needs, but the system can try not treat everyone the exact same way. People with ADD, dyslexia and such are often stuck in the same classrooms as everyone else and they don't get the proper education they need. Same goes with students who deserve to be a grade or two higher, they're stuck with inferior minds their own age and learn what they already know. And like other people pointed out in this thread, people learn in different ways. If anything, the public school system would be a lot better if it was handled in a way similar to college. Four years system, a spring and fall semester. K-3, 4-7, 8-12. You can take a test to skip ahead a few classes and maybe even a grade. I'd be great. I so cannot wait to go to a University.
  3. I get something similar, I have to have laundry detergent around me so I can smell it or just be comforted by it. It's weird, and strange. But yours sounds like something that could hurt you. Most likely, a deficiency of some sort. *shrug* I dunno, just a guess, I'm no expert. For all I know, it could be menopause or a mid-life crisis. iNow, brain tumors would cause personality changes. This is a sudden craving. And it's not rational to assume the worst before eliminating the most common reasons. Pica, huh...? So you have a craving to eat objects that you shouldn't eat? I had that slighty for a short while when I had iron deficiency. That could cause it, as well as a tapeworm. It's best to assume the most common things before you start freaking out about a brain tumor that you most likely don't have. See a doctor, if it's a tapeworm or a deficiency, then it needs to be taken care of. If it's psychological, then see a psychologist. Point is, you most likely will not get a diagnosis without flaws on the internet, especially if it's an amature diagnosis. See a doctor. Like ASAP.
  4. Lawrence M. Krauss has a few good reads. Such as The Physics of Star Trek and Atom. I think you'd enjoy him, I'd reccomend his books to anyone.
  5. I'm anti-abortion. If you get pregnant, it's your own fault. Adoption is always a great option, if the mother cannot afford or doesn't want the child. I will accept abortion for certaint cases. If you're raped, then abortion could be an option, since you really had no choice to get pregnant. And if the fetus will cause great damage and/or death to the mother. Other then that, I see no great reason why abortion should be legalized.
  6. Three men, one of them is blind. They walk into a pitch black room full of hats. All of the hats are black, but two are red. Not able to see which hat they are picking, each man chooses a random hat and puts it on. They then walk outside of the room and into the light. Guy 1 looks at the two other men. "I cannot see my hat, nor do I know what color it is. But I know what colours yours are." Guy 1 one says as he looks at the other two men. Guy 2 says the exact same thing. The blind man gets an epiphany. "I cannot see anything, but I know what color my hat is. As well as both of yours!" He says grinning. What color of hat is the blind man wearing, and how does he know?
  7. Artistic title, no? ANYWAY... I've noticed that this forum is severly lacking any musical discussion or tradings. This is a sin, you all need to repent in order to have salvation. Music is everywhere. Your heartbeat is the bass of your life, your words are the guitar, and your ideas are the lyrics. Listen well, and savor such a glorious thing that has been passed down for literally thousands of years. Now, how about a list to start off? Here are my top ten favorite songs of all freaking time. I would love to see a list of at least five of your favorite songs, I love to see how different people feel about music. 1) Hotel California - The Eagles 2) Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin 3) Behind Blue Eyes - The Who 4) Teenage Wasteland (Baba O'Reily) - The Who 5) Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 6) Help! - The Beatles 7) Classical Gas - Mason Williams 8) Blackbird - The Beatles 9) Hey Jude - The Beatles 10) Don't Stop Believin' - Journey Any instruments you play? I play guitar, and I can play a few notes on the piano. I've been playing ever since I was 11, and I still love playing today. Classical Gas is a great song to learn, if you haven't learnt it already. >.> http://ultimate-guitar.com <--- That is a website for guitar tabs and some bass tabs as well http://classtab.org <--- Some fantastic classical guitar pieces. <3 Also, any bands you hate to the bottom of your cold heart? I loathe Muse, personally. I wish Muse would get beaten by angry fat men with hammers.
  8. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? If someone thinks that they're taking the actual medicine but instead are taking a placebo for a disorder they THINK they have, then the placebo works for them. I think it could be the same, just that your body thinks it won't work, therefore it rejects the medicine. *shrug* I dunno, just a though. Could be just plain ol' rejection. How many doctors did you see about it? About the staph, the disease itself isn't that hard to kill outside of the body, so the chances of getting it are slim. How many actual cases have you heard of it? Compared to the 300 million people in America? About MRSA... Linezolid is a treatment, Teicoplanin also. IF you get it, probably around five days. I cannot be so sure about that one. I hope I answered some questions.
  9. Say the Earth is on it's way for a magnetic reversal... Once it does, how weak will the magnetic field be? How long will it take for the reversal to be complete? During the middle of the reversal, would the magnetic poles spaz out? How would it affect life on Earth? Would it change the climate? How? Couldn't we be more prone to magnetic storms? I'm sorry for spelling errors, I suck at spelling. :x
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