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  1. wow - lots of responses! I suppose I'm wrong and you're right! However... In answer to "wouldn't the same happen to women who masturbate?" - Women KNOW if they've reproduced properly because they'll get pregnant, however men don't notice any bodily changes after they masturbate OR reproduce, so they don't KNOW if they've reproduced or not (I don't mean in their CONSCIOUS mind). Also, in answer to "animals do it too and they don't live any shorter now." - how do we know that animals didn't have longer lifespans years and years ago? Thanks
  2. Well I'm not saying immediate effects, I mean "wouldn't it result in shorter lifespans for males in several generations' time?" - so it would have 0 IMMEDIATE effects, but genetics would change to "accomodate" for "having sex early on"...
  3. I was just reading this article: http://frostfirefizz.com/why-males-die-before-females And suddenly realised this: Since apparently our brains are quite primitive, that means that our bodies can't tell the difference between mastubation and sex, right? Well if this is so, then if you masturbate from a young age, your body would assume you were having sex, and therefore having kids very early on, meaning you're not needed much after that - you've reproduced! Since (I gathered from that article - kindof ) you're not really needed (as far as genetics are concerned) meaning your genetics will program future generations to age faster since it assumes they'll reproduce from a young age! Could someone point out flaws, tell me if they agree, share thoughts etc? Thanks PS I suppose that would mean that in the future, people (mainly males) will go through puberty at a much younger age?
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