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  1. Well that stinks and doesn't make much sense. Can you show me your terms of service that show that my information is now your property? I am just asking that my account be deleted, I haven't even really posted here that would be worth your time to look back at. Please ban me then. Trust me, I won't be back.
  2. Can someone PLEASE delete my account. I have been trying every year when I get my birthday email from you. I have actively been sending PMs for over 2 weeks and no one is acknowleging my requests. I just want to be deleted. I haven't posted here in 2 or 3 years. Thank you.
  3. BeckyK

    Vaccine for Aids

    I think that they are having so many problems with the vaccine since there are so many different versions of the virus and they keep mutating.
  4. I think the movie makes you think, head on, about these issues. I am grateful for his work, to show us the other side of everything.
  5. I think that killing is wrong. Why is it ok for the government to kill? I think it's an easy way out too... Plus how do you know that the accuser is 100% guilty??
  6. I haven't seen it yet but I intend to. I like his work
  7. BeckyK


    Like I have said in other posts.. I work at a hospice care unit at the hospital and we have palliative care patient who know they are going to die and have accepted it. Many of them suffer with pain and secretions in their lungs due to their kidneys shutting down and it's horrible, others stay unconscious because of the morphine for weeks. I say if you want to die, and you are going to die anyway, it should be an option. I personally want to go with some dignity.
  8. BeckyK

    Gay Marriage

    I am 100% in support for gay marriages. Who am I to deny them of that right? We are all humans.
  9. Are they really "winning" in Afganistan? How so? atinymonkey- I 100% agree with you. There we no WMD. I never supported the attack on Iraq and it really disgusts me now.
  10. Thank you for sharing that. It definately makes me feel better. I just heard horror stories about nail polish being put in animals eyes to see if it would harm human eyes, etc...
  11. BeckyK


    I agree with you! Most Drs I work with in Palliative care do know that they are just to provide the service of keeping their patients comfortable, but every once in awhile, before they turn into actual palliative care patients, they are so stubborn and cause suffering for a few days or weeks before they finally realize that they aren't God. It's almost like an ego thing, they want to save everyone. It sounds noble, but sometimes it's just time to die, even if the patient is only 50.
  12. BeckyK


    His name isn't the one I had listed, but I will edit it so people don't wonder...
  13. That's a toughie.. I think that capital punishment is wrong... Killing a human being to get back at them is just plain wrong and bad karma. Let them sit in their cell and think about the freedom they are missing for the rest of their lives... Abortions-- I would never have one but I personally can't tell someone that they can't make the choice. It's so complicated and not always fair but I think there are circumstances that we wouldn't understand unless we were in their shoes. Some people do it because they are selfish but other's believe they are making the right choice for whatever reason.
  14. BeckyK


    I started a thread about this that should be placed in here. I will post in here and the mods can delete my other thread if they would like I am a registered nurse and I work in a Palliative care unit. We have patients that come stay with us until they die and have a comfortable death. Yes, some people's diseases do give them a relatively comfortable end... Others vomit blood, suffer amazing amounts of pain, and suffer for weeks and they know they are dying. I can't explain to you the feeling you get when someone is pleading with you to do something for them and help them die. They know they are dying, we know they are dying and all we can do is pump them with morphine, come in and turn them every 2 hrs so they don't get bedsores, and wait. The families camp in the unit for sometimes weeks waiting with their loved ones. Some people get bedsores before they come in and their feet practically rot off, it smells, and they hurt. Their body eventually goes septic and they die or the cancer they have takes over. We have another patient who is 83 and had cancer of the larynx. He had it removed and has a trach and a feeding tube. He's been in the hospital for 3 years. He gets washed everyday, turned every 2 hrs and feedings through his feeding tube 4 times a day. He gets an enema every 3 days. Suctioned every hour. He can't communicate, he can't move his limbs (he had a stroke too) and he can't make the decision to stop eating and die. We have been waiting for the past 3 years for the tumor in his chest to block off his airway. He cries about once a week (that we know of). To me, no matter what he did in his life, he's paid for it in the past 3 years. I wish he could die with dignity. I feel that if someone chooses to die, they should be granted that wish if they are sick and there is no hope. I think that people are not allowed to die because of the Christian viewpoint that they will go to hell. I personally don't think it's fair and that it is their life and their right to choose life or death.
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