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  1. i think elijah woods's nailbiting shows that elfs or fairies or whatever he played are natural nail biters. if you look at the more respectable people like stephen hawking, you might realize this isnt common in humans:) sorry inamorata, i thought using hawking as an example was funny. Nailbiting doesnt make you less respectful. and if you've presented at conferences, then you must be a respectable person.
  2. nope, they changed it this year. Now the regents asked questions about the labs i believe. so everyone had to long standardized labs, as if long standardized tests werent bad enough
  3. i had cut the power cord of some broken toy. then i just stripped the ends oftwo wires that were inside. taped the cord so that the wires were on opposited ends of a dish of water. then plugged it in. I made sure i was no where near the dish of water when it was plugged in. Still the wires got too hot and little peices of copper were embedded in my dish from the explosion.
  4. whats a step down transformer? from google i gather it changes the amount of volts. Could you explain how that would help me?
  5. if you plugged two wet wires into an outlet and held them close to each other they will buzz and then explode, which i think would be caused by the wires getting to hot. If you wrapped the ends of each wire around large peices of pencil lead, then put the pencil lead close to each other would the same thing happen? I don't think trying it would be too good of an idea without knowing what could happen.. If the lead is alot safer, i was going to use it to seperate water into 02 and h2 and then fill up a ziplock bag with the gases and blow that up.
  6. how does the catalyst lower the activiation energy?
  7. i remember hearing at least some catalysts work because of their shape. A catalyst may wedge itself between atoms in the molecule, weakening bonds? I'm not at all sure of the correctness of this answer but i hope i've been a little help.
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