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  1. ester = fruity smell /\ are you serious? No we're in Iraq because we went in there to remove dangerous weapons from a dangerous regime, that prime objective failed and it has turned into some gd post-facto humanitarian mission.
  2. your question is both confusing and annoying, how do you do it?
  3. no, get back with us in a few centuries
  4. yes, the stability comes from the resonance of the pi orbitals, making in a sense a race track for electrons, 4=2n I do believe is the formula for electrons of rings that maintain this stability
  5. /\ the question isn't to draw out all possible variations, it points to predicting the relative stability, looking up stilbene there's 2 phynls that are attached at the benzylic position and double bonded, of course the trans isomer will be most stable
  6. Fluoroantimonic acid, the dissociation doesn't lie, -25.00! uh... once dissociated it functions as an acid before it becomes the conjugate base
  7. well, amongst the garbage that's collecting in here, I'll explain With respect to strong acids/bases, we have a species that has a great affinity to either take or give hydrogens away with respect to itself, a strong acid maintains a high affinity to donate its protons thus analogously it has a low affinity to give its protons away. the graphs with a sharp curve and sudden change of pH correspond to the analyte being consumed, therefore nothing is hindering the change of pH other than water
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