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  1. Lets say it is possible to apply any temperature to any liquid, then it is possible to turn a portion of that liquid to a gas, or vapor, reaching that portion of the original liquid's boiling temperature. Now because you have the spacific temperature of that portion of the liquid, turning it to a gas, while another portion of the original liquid, remains a liquid, because its boiling temperature is higher, than the portion that just turned to a gas, so it doesn't boil. I did this to gasoline, and got a low pressure white colored gas, that has a boiling temperature far below the boiling temperature of liquid gasoline. In the same process I also get a liquid that is non flammable. Both the gas and liquid I created from gasoline, but neither are gasoline anymore. See it on You Tube, White Gasoline Vapor, Read everything, including comments. Remember what can be done to one liquid can be done to any liquid, water anybody.
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