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  1. i think people should value quality of life, not just life itself. would that solve the whole problem? i don't understand why there's a big to do about it anyway. i mean, i understand that there is one, i just don't know why. if someone wants to take their life, do they really consider the legal ramifications anyway? though really, i consider suicide and euthanasia two different things. i think of (whether there is actually a distinction or not) euthanasia as assisted suicide. i suppose there is the potential of a slippery slope there but i feel like there should be some option for people who are suffering and want to die.
  2. what aggression towards other animals? i've heard that pit bulls are even more aggressive when it comes to other dogs, etc. http://www.ksat.com/news/14413827/detail.html to me this is just as much an issue as human attacks.
  3. no i said what i meant. you misquoted me. you changed the exact words of my post and in doing so, completely changed the meaning. that was my point and it still stands.
  4. you've terrible misquoted me here. someone said that i should take one person's account as universal truth. what i said in response is just because one person has a single account of life on a farm does not mean that it is true for all animals' lives on farms. i said "because there is one farm that doesn't mistreat their animals does not mean that there are no farms that do so." that's quite different.
  5. i'm sorry. i must have missed your "argument". which one are you referring to? the one where y'all just say "read everyone else's posts? or the one where y'all just say it is so because it just is? and one person's experience is not universal truth. because there is one farm that doesn't mistreat their animals does not mean that there are no farms that do so. This was my honest question: And this is the answer I got back: Now, it seems to me that this isn't a sophisticated, supported, intelligent response in any kind of way. So of course I responded with a judgment: And of course, I get: Seems like just another post trying to bait me. How would you have me respond to that? You can continue to dismiss me if you want. Continue to feel superior. Do what makes you feel good.
  6. Obviously, it's not clear. At least not to me. I believe that is the argument we are now having. I have read everyone else's posts. I think my point was that it seemed a selfish view and it's not any less selfish just because other people or animals behave in similar ways. I think that post was in response to one in which someone said, basically, that it was indeed selfish but they do it anyway. So you missed the argument completely. And I don't dismiss anyone. I don't agree with it, but I don't dismiss them or their opinions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the warning. I'll just be here, quakin' in my vegan boots. You're so aggressive. What's that about? Is this not you, "claiming the moral high ground" here?
  7. i'm glad to hear it. you own them, you have a responsibility to take care of them, at the very least.
  8. you say that and then offer no proof of its truth. and what about the rest of the animals? chickens, turkeys, pigs, etc. no more than you do, i suppose. yes, and some people believe god created the world. and some people believe it's ok to have sex with children. and some people believe it's ok to chop other people's heads off. so what? that has no bearing on what i think. um, ok. argue it. i'm not sure about selfishness. why don't you enlighten me and give me some examples of how i might be living a selfish life? i'm sure there are some ways (which i probably cannot help), but I don't think that has any bearing on the things that I can help and things that I can willingly choose to do. and I don't know what you're talking about in regards to nature. It just sound like blah blah blah to me because I don't think it relates to anything i said. did i ever say that my opinion was fact? did i try to force it on you? i don't think i did. I'm just throwin' in my two cents here. Sorry to offend, your highness.
  9. really? sounds like a pretty good argument to me. but then maybe you don't mind being selfish. however, i do not believe that the majority of animals raised for food are treated humanely. they suffer and then they die. i can only speak for myself, but i'd much rather live a free, natural life, even for a few months, than one in a cage or a pen. it's the quality of the lives of the animals that i'm most concerned with, not just the killing of them. back what up with what? my own personal feeings on the matter? just because you don't agree, you just dismiss them? well ok. i'm not sure what kind of "evidence" you're looking for. let me know and i'll see what i can do.
  10. um, i guess if you want to eat roadkill, that's up to you. sounds pretty gross to me. you can try to set up various hypothetical questions and situations and try to talk me into a corner, but i'll still say that eating meat causes suffering and we don't have to in order to survive and i wish that more people weren't so selfish. just leave animals alone and let them live their lives with as little human intervention as possible.
  11. it will be interesting i think to watch this play out and see what comes of it. i hope they throw the book at the owner. a 77 year old woman was attacked by a pit bull that escaped from its yard. just a brief article here
  12. you would willingly cause the suffering of another being just to gratify yourself for, what, a couple of minutes at the most? wow.
  13. if you don't absolutely have to cause the pain or suffering of another animal in order to survive, why would you? we don't need meat, so why eat it?
  14. (f) 29 yes, abortion should be an option. not your body, not your life, not your business.
  15. is this something you have researched or are you just stating your opinion on the matter? do you not think genetics has anything to do with disposition and personality? and in wild animals, there's so much more natural instinct. i don't think you can "train" that out of an animal. choose a vegetable for your next meal.
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