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  1. My comment about his being obnoxious was in terms of some of the things he said in the video which does put off the viewer, and since I was the viewer and put off I mentioned it. In my field I am taught that data has to be collected and analyized, to support a study. There was not a single statistic in there. In terms of natural selection, it can go fast or slow. Genocide is an example of a not so natural but very fast selective pressure. Which could very easily change the gene pool. There are no statistics in that slide that show that the offspring of a rapist, has a higher tendenacy to rape. You are also saying that rape is about procreation to begin with, why then do some rapists wear condoms? Wouldn't they want to ensure that their sperm stood a chance? Sexual Assualt can you not differentiate? By sexual assualt I was referring to sexual acts that do not include penile penetration... The guys who are involved in power rapes have been effeminated by other men and women, and the rape is a means to assert his masculinity to over power another. When a male dog humps another male dog it is to assert his dominance not to impregnate. Just as broom handles are used to sodomize other men. You are also saying that rapists would have to be unsuccessful at other means of propagation. To resort to rape. Also I think humans, dolphins and pigs are the only animals who get pleasure out of sex. Sex with a woman or girl who is passed out or below the age of consent is also considered rape. So yes there is alot of different kinds of rape, unfortunately only a small percentage of women who have been raped or sexually assualted actually come forward and those that do are highly confidential, so it would be pretty difficult to gather accurate data, on them, on the men that rape and whether or not they have children from this encounter. Also, many rapists also experience pre-mature ejaculation and retarded ejaculation or none at all... that can't work very well for spreading the seed. You would have the study the home life and childhood of rapists to prove that they were "normal" had they been molested at a young age, they would be more likely to rape as adults. There are many things people do that have social pressures against, I do not believe that all of those are genetically linked. Society changes over time and does not necessarily have anything to do with genetic evolution.
  2. Hehe my major is environmental and forest biology... if you go to my school you can probably mesh those... SUNY ESF is youre on the east coast... if you have any specific questions feel free to write me.
  3. Wow, number one I find that guy to be very condescending, pretty obnoxious. Number two he did nothing to prove that their is a genetic link between rapists. If he did merely a social conditioning slide show ok Id take it. But if he cannot come up with supportive evidence that there are common genes among rapists that the rest of the population doesn't have, or that children of rapists are more likely to be rapists, that rape runs in families etcetc. If it is actually natural selection, we are assuming rapists impregnate, we are assuming the survivors bring the children to full term, and that gene is passed on to those offspring. If he were correct that rape is gene linked, it should be in decline due to new forms of contraception like the morning after pill. And the offspring of the rapist would have to be raised away from him, to prove it is not environmental. Additionally psychologists believe there are many reasons for rape, and it is not just about sex. I also believe that rapists and their motives are not equal. He is referring to sorts of violent rape, but its certainly not all the same, esp. when you consider 86% of women know their attacker, and alcohol is very often involved. As far as gold digging is concerned he must prove that it isn't a conscious effort. He brought up an interesting point but it is a far far cry from a study. ALSO! Explain what purpose sexual assualt serves, as it has no means to propagate the species. AND! Explain why rape occurs also outside heterosexual pairings.
  4. Well if possible Id suggest a psychiatrist, esp. if you are dealing with things like the SNRIs because they are new on the market and are more likely to cause significant withdrawal symptoms. I am confused however as to why the previous poster walked out on their doctor. I would assume you were seeing him again because you were going through withdrawal. The Neurontin is to relieve the "SNRI discontinuation syndrome" he was trying to make you feel better...
  5. In my personal experiences medication and therapy were a very helpful combination. Generally if you weren't too bad off I'd suggest therapy first since it is the least invasive, and if you have problems with therapy or your therapist you just dont go back, or get a new one. From what Ive heard the withdrawal from SNRIs is even worse than just the SSRI's, you really must taper the medication off, this is not a cold turkey type of thing your brain sort of goes into shock, and the withdrawal can be so horrendous and long lasting. However, medications like prozac have helped so many people that we kinda just have to deal with the withdrawal. I have been on four different SSRI's in my search to find one that worked the best for me, each had its own side effects and a different feeling. I would certainly encourage people to try another medication if the first one seems to be unpleasant. Thats one thing I would support, I had a therapist who sucked, she was not at all right for me, and I've been on some medications that made everything seem a whole lot worse, do not be afraid to change (clearly under supervision). For the most part switching within the pool of SSRI meds you dont have to taper off one to go to the next, and its amazing how fast you can feel the difference. HOWEVER, I believe the situation with the young man who started this post is he does not have access to therapy or medications. One of the unfortunate parts of being around the high school age is that you really do know alot more than adults will give you credit for, so you may earnestly ask for things that you know you need and they will poo poo it. Another idea is if you could get an adult you can confide in talk to your parents. They will likely take it more seriously if another adult is concerned, but I suppose that depends on the density of your parents.
  6. First and foremost someone should tell you that solutions for anxiety and depression are not one size fits all. What has worked for them may not work for you. I suffer from anxiety and have had my own bouts of depression. I never took kindly to adults telling me I was just a kid or that, I have nothing to be depressed about. There is no on off switch, for anxiety or depression and depression tends not to have an obvious cause, its not one thing its lots and lots of things. I had found that being able to say I have an anxiety disorder and I suffer from depression really helped me to look for solutions. As for myself developing regular sleep patterns is very important I find that if I am not well rested every emotion of fear and self doubt is exacerbated, and my ability to just cope gets very "messed up". Please do not, turn to alcohol or drugs, Im a college student I can tell you its everywhere, but you sound very smart and the relief from drugs and alcohol is only temporary, and tends to just make everything worse. If your school has a psychologist, or you have a guidance counselor, or a teacher that can handle the truth and be trusted, it would probably help you to just talk about how you feel. If you have any interest in yoga, I can tell you that exercise helps relieve stress, improves sleep, releases endorphins etc etc. So if you ever considered joining a sports team id suggest it. I have lots of ideas, if you want feel free to send me a message on this site.
  7. Im a brand new member, and I actually found this by searching about the scope that I just purchased. I didn't know that the company was completely online, but that may keep down their overhead and help explain why their prices are so very low. I must say it is very beautiful, I did not however buy slides so I cant even use it yet. Amscope however as far as ebay goes has a very high rating and they have thousands of purchases, many of whom spent way more money than I did. The shipping was rather high, but it did show up in perfect condition. I will have to actually use it before this can be of much use to others, but thus far I am impressed.
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