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  1. Hi All, May I know what are techniques and concepts involved in locating the sulphide bonds in proteins? Regards Alfredo
  2. Hi Sir, Thanks for info:) May I know how does charge transfer transition occur then?
  3. Hi All, May I know why is Copper(I) Oxide red while Copper(I) Chloride white? I'm aware that d-d transition does not occur in Cu+, hence is ligand-metal charge transfer responsible for the colour observed? If yes, how so? If not, what is the likely cause? Apologies, my knowledge of chemistry is only up to to 'A' levels at the moment. Regards Alfredo
  4. Hi All, An object appears white because it reflects all the wavelength of visible light while another object appears transparent because it allows all wavelengths of the light to pass through it. In both cases, no absorption of visible light occurs, hence under what circumstances would an object reflect all the wavelengths of light instead allowing them to pass through it? Regards Alfredo
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