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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. I have spoke with many people and they seem 2 think we are above disease, viruses and diseases they don't even know about(H5N1 being one of them) . When I speak of a posibble flu pandemic, they all give me that "Stupid look" like it's science fiction, hence when asked about flu pandemic most referred 2 the Stand by Steven King, and NOT the Spanish Flu of 1918, most don't even know it occurred. I get frustrated with JQP sometimes. They ask me how I know so much and I say"well instead of drinking, partying, and doing stupid things I like 2 read about science and history, Current events going on all around the world, this is how I Know these things.They think I'm arogant: I think they are idiots... anyhow I do agree about it being a nature populace control. Back in 1918 we had 1.5 billion on earth; not 100 years later we have 6.5 billion on earht. I believe that is way 2 many. If it weren't, we wouldn't be eating up the earth and animal inhabitats like we are. (Good ex. The Wetlands) We need a good culling. And I believe it is in the works and on it's way... till then I just prepare.
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