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    final school degree in custom upper secondary school(computer/IT program)
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  1. I voted: yes since I have ADSL internet. There have been some discussions in this thread about mobile phones and I personally dislikes all phones in general, but there are "some" exceptions regarding cell phones. I don't own a cellphone at the present which is working or in use. It's a cost I choose to live without. I'll probably get a new Nokia in the future (maybe) if they manage to produce a good phone that I like and that I'm in situation where I can afford it.
  2. I voted: Yes, all smoking everywhere (except a person's house) Cigarette smoking always make me feel pissed off. I'm an allergic and even had astma as a child.
  3. Okay, this is some of it (and don't ask me what it is ) : Binomial probability calculation Chi-square distributions Confidence intervals Data distributions Approximate a square root Graph a linear function Solve Equations and Inequal + several other things.
  4. This sounds a bit stupid, but what do you mean?
  5. Well, I have listened to this podcast in iTunes and I have found that it's actually the most interesting math podcast that I have found so far. The negative part for myself is that it's "a bit too high" for my own math knowledge to understand everything. I don't know what more to say other than I can say that it's totally free to start a subscription on it in iTunes then you can judge for yourself what you think about it. I experience it as quite interesting. Also if there exist other math podcasts I would be more than interested to know something about this. Doing a search through the iTunes Store picked up some podcasts, but it wasn't much.
  6. What do you think about this podcast from the American Military university?
  7. Thanks for your attention! The thing I'm after here is your feedback on anything that you would like to give feedback on. Basically: anything you feel about it. Is that a good anwer?
  8. At the present I'm a math student and study one time a week in order to improve my current math studies. I want to be ambitious, but I have had difficulties and I often finds other things more interesting: http://picasaweb.google.com/khelben1979/Matematik# I would like your opinions on these so called math notes, they are not intented for a high quality presentation. They illustrate my current work with my studies and some of my problems. And please, only nice comments.
  9. Okay, so how about this one. The podcast is called Podcast Doctor. It discusses many things, however, I suspect that it might not help what has been discussed in this thread.
  10. If you're interested in neuroscience, then you can check these 3 podcasts out: All in the mind, NeuroPod and the brain science. Interesting?
  11. I'm not a doctor here, but I can give you some links which might help you out? MedlinePlus and this one.
  12. Google Chrome was unable to display videos from YouTube the last time I tried it. So far I can't say that this browser is okay for my needs. Firefox is the best, in my opinion.
  13. I have no idea about that one. Maybe Wikipedia has something on the matter?

  14. how we can calculate the radius of an atom in bcc crystal structure?

  15. What are you saying?

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