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  1. Anyone have an idea of what items this company is using to generate their reaction http://www.dr-oxygen.co.uk/ ?
  2. it says 3% hyd prox on the bottle
  3. Please keep in mind that you are talking to someone who barley passed chemistry. I cannot seem to get the reaction to generate any indication of large amounts of o2. Here's what I did. I took 10 ml water with 4 drops of lime, and 10 ml of Peroxide in a cylinder, then sealed immediately with a balloon. The balloon didn't inflate at all. Can someone please explain what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  4. That's the issue I do not have the packaging. What 2 ingrediants mixed with water produce the highest amounts of 90-95% pure o2. Any thoughts?
  5. There is a product out on the market use for a home Oxygen Bar (Like the O2 bars in hollywood), but with this product you mix Chemical A with Chemical B in water, and it produces large amounts of 95% pure oxygen. Can someone help me figure out what chemical A and B are. Thanks!
  6. Will this method work as well with the sugar and soda method (Compact the sugar with a binder?) Thanks
  7. Will baking soda and water give off a large amount of vapors in the amounts I listed?
  8. To make this a little more difficult, Is this possible to do with 20-25 ml total of ingrediants, and still get the 2-5 minute output? Also will this work with powder sugar as well? Can I slowley add the suger for the 2-5 minutes to keep up the output? Thanks a lot
  9. I'm appologize for being vague, it's just I don't want to state the exact purpose do to this is for a product development. Hopfully this clarifies a little more (This is just to represent the type of out put). Take a 2 liter of pop. Poor it in a cup. If you were to put your nose over the cup you would actually be able to slightly feel the Carbination vapors(not certain if that is the correct term to be using). This is the type of output that I am looking for, but am trying to figure out if I can achieve this type of output using two small amounts of ingridients that will continue to output for 2-5, but really I just need an amount similiar to when you first poor a glass of soda. When I say inhaled in large amounts I am simply stating that it should be as safe as if your nose was above the glass of soda directly after the poor. if anyone is interested I will give full details of what we are trying to accomplish, it's just I will need to email you a confidenciality agreement as a precaution. Thanks very much for the help, and baring with my lack of knowledege.
  10. I am a complete novice when it comes to chemistry (or science in general . I have a question that I'm hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. Please excuse the lack of knowlege when it comes to terms. This information is for the purpose of a development of a product that a associate of mine and I wanted to look into, so please bare my requirments below. I need to find out if anyone knows a way to take 2 or more small amounts of non-toxic ingidients(i.e. chemicals, baking soda, anything), that once mixed will give off a large amount of non toxic gasses/vapors for a period of roughly 2-5 minutes, the mixture of the chemicals however can not cause the materials to increase in size drastically(i.e. if I take a 30 ml cylender, and put in 12ml of item 1 and 12ml of item 2, the cyl can not be overflowing once mixed, however the size can decrease w/o issue) . These vapors must be 100% safe if inhaled, even if inhaled in large quantites (Prefferably these vapors/gas should not a very distinct smell or taste, minor is ok). if anyone can point me in a direction I would very much appriciate it. Again I appologize for my lack of knowlege in this area, so if I can clarify anything in regards to this question please let me know.
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