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  1. Well, thanks for the feedback everyone! I think I'm going to let this speculation rest until I can bone up more on the latest theories regarding antimatter and dark matter. Must say though, the subject of TIME becomes more and more fascinating to me each day. I'll switch my attention to that!
  2. Two correct answers - obviously two easy!
  3. I considered antimatter and dark matter because both have "mass". However, if "anti-energy" (or "black energy" for that matter) has relevance, why not? I just don't see where they fit in this speculation other than the possibility both may also exist in a different space time.
  4. My speculation was: by virtue of its properties antimatter may put itself in a different space time to that of matter. This would explain why antimatter disappears (into another time zone?) whenever we try to manufacture it. If this were true then a large accumulation of antimatter may manifest itself to us as 'dark matter' - something which obviously exists as it effects gravity but cannot be directly detected. Or have I had one glass of wine too many?
  5. Difficult to be exact since this is a 'speculation' but my thought line is as follows: 1. Matter is comprised of positively charged protons with negatively charged electrons whizzing around them. 2. Antimatter is comprised of negatively charged antiprotons with positively charged positrons whizzing around them. 3. The faster matter moves the slower it experiences time. Since antimatter is diametrically opposite to matter, could it experience the exact opposite, placing it in a different time space? 4. Due to this difference in time space matter and antimatter would seldom come in to contact with each other and could coexist.
  6. Is it conceivable that dark matter is composed of antimatter? I realize theoretically the two cannot coexist without annihilating each other, but what if the antimatter exists within a slightly different time space?
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