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  1. Batavia is about 35 miles from Buffalo between that and Rochester. Thanks for the site gonna check it out. And i'm more than happy to be skeptical thats why I am here. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ok first off i'm not trying to sell this stuff, I just want some info. I have not seen any real studies that say it does a single thing. As far as I can tell no studies have been done. The only information I can find on it are transcripts and most are at least 10 years old. I can't find any information that further proves or disproves anything I have read. I don't know why its supposed to make you healthier, I didn't go to med school. I also don't know why asprin relieves headaches but it does. I think its supposed to be a superconductor and when it attaches to cells it stimulates the elctrons to fire more rapidly. Again I have no medical knowledge so I have no idea. My whole point for posting is to find out if anyone does have information with studies to back it up. If it doesn't work I would expect a study to be published saying it didn't work. I am not looking for opinions I have plenty of my own(Remember not to long ago the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it). All i'm asking for is real data, real tests if any are out there. Sorry if I seem like a @$$ but if you haven't done any research on it I don't feel you are qualified to dismiss it. This is one of the transcripts from David Hudson... http://www.eskimo.com/~billb/freenrg/hudson.txt Here is one about the biological effects of it... http://www.nexusmagazine.com/articles/Ormus.html Here is another site with some info http://tribes.tribe.net/ormus-online/thread/c22b9028-dcf6-4004-8ace-a0831660a0a2 One site said about how it cured cancer, MS, AIDS and much more but had no facts to back it up. Sorry I can't find this site atm but if I do I will post the address.
  3. Been wondering about health benefits mostly. Also interested why there more reseasrch isn't going on. One site said that when heated the gold powder turned invisible so they tried to scramble the pile up while it was invisible and when it returned the pile had not been scrambled at all. So they concluded that it must have went to a different dimension, well if that is true then would this not be a great discovery. Do we have other materials that can go to other dimensions and come back? Also they talked about when heated it can take on a weight of less that nothing and transfered that wight loss to the pan it was in. This also intrigues, it seems if any of these tests are true there should be more ppl interested in it. Yet the only information i have found seems to be people that have no medical or scientific backrounds.
  4. Hi, not so sure where to post about this, so thought this would be the best spot. I was wondering if anyone knows about white powder gold(monoatomic gold) or any other M-state elements. I have been on many sites that claim "to put you in touch with god" or "heal any health problems you may have" is there any real research being conducted on this? I have yet to find a real website that has dealt with scientists or doctors. Does anyone know if taking it is harmful? Any inforomation would be greatly appreciated.
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