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  1. Sorry I was absent some days, my PC crashed. Yes I can give you some links but they are in dutch. And yes, it is a very interesting discussion, will it be good for flanders to seperate?
  2. Hello, what do you (not in belgium living) people heard about the political crisis in Belgium? And what do you think about it? Its maybe a strange question but when I ask "fellow-Belgians" , they don't know more than me.
  3. Curix

    Thermite pan

    How fine must my aluminium powder be and how do I get it so fine?
  4. figure? I just mean that I am glad if I get a 60+% percentage of heavy water. but I have calculated (sort of) the amount of water that I will need, and it needs to be very very much. so... Can somebody tell me where to buy some ml heavy water?
  5. 6000 molecules of the one million, and I will know if it is heavy water by weighing it. Yes it will take a while, I think some months but after a while and lots of water, I should have around the 60% heavy water, isn't it?
  6. Arent they little bubbles around the minerals that are in that water?
  7. Hello, I have found me a new useless project: making heavy water. Q:Why? A:I dont know. Q:What are you going to do with it? A:Posess it, or I will get the D of it. Well, I have some questions about it, are there other ways than Electrolysis of Water? They told me: try distillation, but isn't it cheaper just to let water vapourise and safe the last bits of water and vapourise that again and again and again? I don't mean to heat the wather, just let it stand there till there is only 1/10 left. will it work?
  8. ow sorry HNO3, I feel ahame
  9. well after 2 packs of matches, I finally got the sugar burning (with ash from leafs) but it wasn't what I expected. It was like a pile of boiling black juice, not the bright orange flames that I have seen in the video. But Is there an alternative thing for KNO3 or KClO3 or NaClO3? Soon I will have H2NO3 so I will be able to make nitrates from normal meteals like iron,aluminium,copper etc etc, will that be thesame as KNO3 and the others? With ammonium, I should be able of making NH4(NO3) but I am afraid that that is too good.
  10. Hello, I have big problem: In the country where I live: Belgium, It is very hard to find Kno3-, NaClO3-,KClO3-, etc-like stuff. Even worse, You can't buy many products with alot of "O". So after months of searching, I gave up. But recently I saw a video of burning sugar, and I thought: That's almoast thesame as burning KNO3!!. And I tried and tried, but my sugar does only melts. So my question is, how do I burn sugar? (Or can you give me an other good oxidator?) (sorry for the bad english, I normally don't speak english, and I don't have much time.)
  11. What if you make a big vulcano like pile of dirt with in the crater some pounds of thermite. That should produce smoke, sparks, and real lava. (But keep a safe distance) Shouldn't that work?
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