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  1. Cant seem to open that zip file, can you give me the name of the book please? thanks
  2. http://www.backyardnature.net/frt_flsh.htm is possibly a good explanation. From what I remember from botany lectures strawberries are often referred to as aggregate fruit
  3. I would like to do some 2-D thin layer chromatography with some essential oils from several herbs. Can anyone suggest a good reference to consult regarding solvent systems? Have never tried this before so any help would be appreciated. Many thanks:)
  4. I am running an assay and wanting to do kinetics. From the literature I am using EDTA as an inhibitor and when I use it I get no pattern of inhibition. I am using 25,50,100 and 150uM concentrations and incubating 40ul of edta with 40ul of enzyme for 30 mins. the absorbance readings do not have a pattern from 25-100 they decrease but the 150 one increases? The isosbestic points do the same. Perhaps I should use more conc EDTA? I have even done the assay in a CaCl2 free buffer and when I add Calcium the absorbance drops even lower. I have no idea whats happening. Any ideas? Thank you in advance for any replies
  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help advise me. I am trying to do enzyme inhibition kinetics but according to protocols I need to do it using the substrate to zero the spec with first and then look for a decrease at a certain wavelength. When this happens there is a decrease but the absorbance goes negative, consequently lineweaver burk plots face downwards. I do not know enough about this as this is the first time I have ever tried an enzyme assay, Can anyone suggest how I could change things? Many thanks to anyone who replies
  6. thank you. It comes as a lyophilized powder (1 unit) and I was advised by the company to suspend it in saline below pH6 and preferably at pH5.3 which I did but I have no activity. Thanks for your advice - will definitely look at that.
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions for suspending and storing elastase in aliquots and the how long it can be stored like this for? Many thanks
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